Nautical destinations: Elafiti

Most people, when hearing the word Elaphiti, think of the 3 largest islands situated west of Dubrovnik (Koločep or Kalamota as the locals call it, the biggest one Šipan, and Lopud) but there are 10 more that are a part of this archipelago (Daksa, Sv. Andrija, Jakljan, Tajan Olipa, etc.).


Elaphiti islands are characterized by lush vegetation, rocky shores and clear blue sea. Some perceive Lokrum as part of Elaphiti islands also, even though it is situated a bit further, on the southeast side of Dubrovnik. Elaphiti Islands were named by the Greek word for deer; is it because ancient Greeks inhabited these islands and hunted for deer, or because islands look like a pack of deers from the top of Srđ, it is not known.

Of course it is not possible to visit all of these islands so many decide to do the 3 island cruise which takes to the 3 biggest and inhabited islands, usually on a replica of a 15th century sailboat (karaka). There is much to see as these islands are rich with historic monuments like churches, monasteries, chapels and summer houses of old noble families, originating mostly from the period of the famous Dubrovnik Republic.


For a perfect day on the beach visit Lopud and the popular sandy beach Šunj, rent a beach chair and a parasol for maximum relaxation; when in need of refreshments, walk on over to the beach bar and treat yourself to a cold drink and/or light lunch. This is recommend place for day stay and short swimming before return to Dubrovnik base. Please mind that Lopud is open on west winds…


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