Sailing with kids

In this article we will write some useful tips regarding sailing with children, meaning what you have to take care of with children on board.

✓ If you have children on board, do not forget to bring a life jacket. Although chartered vessels also have life jackets for children they might not suit your child. So this is the reason why we suggest you get your own life jacket.

✓ While on board, children should wear non slippery footwear, a hat to protect them from the sun and wind, white T-shirts, sunscreen with a high UV factor and anti-mosquitos creaam.

✓ Children should not be exposed to the sun in the period from 11:00 till 15:00.

✓ Bring their favourite toys, board games, cards, paper and crayons, books, comic books etc. Entertain them with fishing baits: make them bread baits, let them try fishing for the first time and you will see how your children will not need a PC or TV.

✓ Given the fact that children are much more sensitive to environment changes than the adults, make sure you bring enough medicines which include painkillers, medicines against vomiting and flu drugs.

✓ If you intend to bring a baby on board, keep in mind that the food for children is not available in all stores, so bring children’s food supplies.

✓ Before leaving the vessel, check if the gangway is stable so that the children would not fall and hurt themselves.

Avoid letting children drink from the ship’s tanks.

Make sure that you and your children don’t jump into the sea after spending too much time in the sun. Sudden temeperature changes during summer often cause shocks to the body.

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