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Although at first sight this island seems like the only thing it has to offer is its lush vegetation, you will be surprised when you hear that this island was once a place where members of Dubrovnik nobility chose to reside. Results of that decision remain today; over 70 mansions, summerhouses, churches and chapels make Šipan a go to place, not only for peaceful coves and relaxing walks, but also for a breath of history.

This is the biggest island of the Elaphiti archipelago, with 2 ports on each side of the island: Šipanska luka and Suđurađ. Šipanska luka provides a safe place to berth during any kind of weather conditions (excluding summer thunderstorms). The best place to tie your boat is along the 40 meters long pier on southeast side of the port (there is  a fast passenger ship that docks here a few times a day, so make sure you are not in its way) or you can anchor and use your dinghy to start exploring the island.

Sipanska luka

Visit the Rector’s palace which is situated a little above the town, and the summerhouse of the family Sorkočević. You can also go for a walk along the Šipan field which holds most of the old buildings on the island.

There are a few restaurants (Marko’s, Tauris, hotel Šipan) there; Marko’s offers free mooring in  exchange for having a meal at their establishment (just be sure to book ahead as it is always full in the summertime).

Suđurađ is situated on the opposite end of the island, this is the place where ferry from Dubrovnik docks.  Although most old buildings are not in good condition, there is a renewed summerhouse of family Skočibuha worth visiting. It has two 3 story  fortresses that were built as a protection from the pirates.

Šipan is an island that screams Mediterranean; fields of olive and fig trees, orchards, famous wines, lush vegetation that hides old, stone mansions; it is a wonderful place to relive the old kind of life, while remaining in the 21st century.

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