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The Kornati archipelago, as a separate and special island group located between Šibenik and Zadar islands is one of the seven National parks in Croatia (since 1980). National Park Kornati includes 89 islands, islets and reefs. The biggest island is Kornat. Most of the islands have specific, local names as Balun (ball), Bisaga (saddlebag), Blitvica (chard), Golić (naked), Kurba, Mrtvac, Vrtlić, Piškera, Purara itd.


 Moorings in National Park Kornati

Anchoring and overnighting is permitted in the following bays and coves: Stiniva, Statival, Lupeška, Tomasovac – Suha punta, Šipnate, Lučica, Kravljačica, Strižnja, Vruje, Gujak, Opat, Smokica, Ravni Žakan, Lavsa, Piškera – Vela Panitula, Anica on Levrnaka, Podbižanj, and Koromašna.

Sailing is allowed in all of Kornati National Park except in the zones of strict protection.


Zones of strict protection are: islet Purara, Klint and Volić, Mrtenjak, Kolobučar, Mali  i Veli Obručan. Visitors are not allowed in the zones of strict protection.

Hiking in National Park Kornati

The visitors are permitted to hike  only on trails and paths specially marked for that purpose. Please mind that the  most of  the property on land in  Kornati National Park is privately owned.

Suha Punta

Swimming , diving, fishing

Swimming is allowed in all of   Kornati National Park except in the zones of strict protection.
Diving is allowed only in organised groups, with a licence for autonomous diving in the Kornati National Park obtained in advance. Fishing is not allowed in National Park Kornati.



Each visitor of  Kornati National Park must have a valid ticket for each day they spend in the Park. The tickets can be purchased at the reception desks within the Park or at a number of locations on the mainland, outside  the boundaries of the Park. For more information go to the web page of National park Kornati.

Polja Zeljkovci i Tarac

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