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There are different ways of spending holidays and each one is good, as long as a person is happy in the end. In the same time there is no universal formula to be applied for everyone. Those more active individuals will probably have active holidays, while others will probably just relax, although it is not always like that.
Quality and active holidays you can find on Stari Grad on island Hvar, especially if you are a sailor or you want to learn to sail. In Ultra sailing school there are different classes that can satisfy different interests. To describe that we have spent 2 days with Ultra sailing school instructors and courses attanedants.

The days beggins with the youngest while older are slowly preparing theselves, having breakfast in their appartments, applying sun lotion, correcting their makeup, choosing the shirt of the day, and other usual stuff. The first group that starts are optimists. The program instructor is Antonija Kunić, and she is charge for 2 groups.
Every morning at 9 o’clock the group of the younger optimists are arriving for the training. Usually there are around 10 kids, but this morning was exceptionaly quiet and only Niko and Filip showed up. Others were absent for usual kids reason such is the accident with the bike or they just slept over. However, both of them are 6 and they spend their summer in Stari Grad and they sail in Ultra sailing school. The training starts with boat preparation and the equipment, but also with reminding of some basic skills such as rope folding or knot making. These kids are sailing independetly but they need more time and experience. Sailing school and sailing club will help them to become real sailors one day in some other class.

We have spent part of a day with groups of instructors Kolja Dumanić and Marin Rosandić.

Kolja had an international crew, while Marin had a Croatian group of basic and family program. His crew was composed of 3 ladies from Zagreb, and one of them Dijana had her kids onboard Filip and Luna. There were also Martina Salaj from Zagreb. How does it look like when you have 3 ladies and 2 kids in the crew Marin knows:

“They are all doing great. There are no differences and everyone found its place onboard. There has to be a discipline on boat so the age, nationality, sex or language really doesn’t matter. The boat will perform better if the crew works tigether, and everyone in my crew merged well and they have learned evything we have expected from them in our Basic sailing course.”

My attention was especially atttracted by little Luna. At her age of 7 she was jumping from one side of the First 7500 to another like other adults and her older brother Filip. If she had some fear in the beggining Filip certanly didn’t have. After he saw photos from afternoon sailing he was pleased because he had a chance to see himself and the boat from a different perspective then from the cockpit. He will definitely have something to show back at home, because he earned on his own the certificate “Keelboat Level 1” based on ISSA (International Sailing School Association) program. Besides, he had a great time on Hvar, he was sailing, swimming, and now has excellent photos for his Facebook profile.

The other “International” crew was from Portugal, Finland and Serbia, with the instructor from Croatia.

Jose Camacho and Cristina Rodrigues are from Portugal. Cristina was already in Croatia, while Jose is here for the first time. They wanted to spend active holidays, and on the idea of their firend they decided to take sailing classes in Croatia. They didn’t know exactly how will it look like, so they use Google and search for a sailing school in Croatia. They found, and after they liked what they found they decided to contact us. They were actually surprised they found everything what they wanted on one place. Good accommodation, excellent food, proffesional instructor, well balanced course and excellent prepared boats. They said they have learned a lot and they look forward attending advanced class next summer, or sooner if there is a chance.

Pretty Anna Hamstrom is from Finland. She found Ultra sailing school on the Internet, she is completly satisfied, had a great time, beautiful weather, and considering cold and rainy days in Finland, she can be only sorry she has to leave.

Similar problems at work has Sanja Peterka from Belgrade in Serbia. She works in Serbia, wished active vacation, used Internet and found Ultra on the Web. She already made a deal with Cristina from Portugal attending advanced classes in the same crew. She was a little bit suspicious in her expectation about Hvar and the school, but in the end she is delightful with everything.

Today was the last day of the course and both crews had a match race regatta. They were sailing in the bay of Stari Grad. There were very little wind and it was very hot, but since it is July we can consider that as normal. Kolja’s crew took the lead and kept it to the end of the race. Maybe the race was not that even because Marin’s crew had 2 kids onboard, but the result was not so important in this race.

While we were on the sea we have noticed one Hobie Cat catamaran moving pretty fast on this breeze. This catamaran is also from Ultra sailing school offer, but today was rented to the guests from Sweden. Karin and Erik Alexandersson came 2 days ago from rainy Stockholm. They had few days of vacation to be used, and after they checked out weather forecast for Sweden in next few days they decided to go south where is warmer. They found good deal for the plane tickets on the web, and they flew to Split

There they started the search on the web for a place to rent a catamaran, and they found Ultra in Stari Grad. They are quite experienced sailors, and Erik was working as a skipper. That is how they met, and latter on got married. They enjoy every single moment of they free time to climb mountains, sail and travel.

There is a new group comming to Ultra school on Saturday. We will see where are they from. The wind is good, everything is ready for sailing in Stari Grad, and the only question is when are going to come over here.

photo by Boran Kranjčević

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