XII. Little night regatta, Postira

13th year in a row, the port of Postira on the island of Brač hosted sailors who participated in the Little night regatta. Regatta or more appropriate „spectacle under the spotlight“ is sailed in a very tight port of Postira. Sailors, which are used to sail on open seas and with no audience, now sail under the spotlight and numerous audience cheering from one side of the port to the other. And if that wasn’t enough, they are all sailing in different boats that act differently and have different speed so except trying to win, sailors are also trying to avoid each other and keep themselves and the boat whole.

Since the start of the regatta was scheduled at 10 p.m., part of the participants took advantage of the afternoon breeze and sailed the warm-up regatta from Split to Postira.  Around 8 p.m. as the audience was trying to pick the best spot to watch the regatta, sailors were getting their boats ready.

Finally, at 10p.m., the regatta has started. After a usual crowd at the start, where everyone is trying to win the best starting position, the real drama emerges at the first mark. A lot of shouting, quite a lot of disrespect for the sailing rules mixed with a desire to not crush the boats…. That’s how it all looked on the sea.  On the other hand, looking at the regatta from ashore, you would not hear any of those since the shouting has been deafened by the music and comments of the organizer of the regatta so it all appears very idyllic.

After three rounds, the tree fastest ships remain at the see to sail the finals.

In the finals this year sailed Big Grin with helmsman Luka Jerčić, Fortuna express with Ivan Čapina and Satan 2 with Luka Radelić at the helm.

Big Grin  won  the first place, while satan2 came in third.

 The regatta was followed by the prize-giving ceremony and the “Ljetno Kino” band played music for the sailors and their friends till the early morning hours. Spectacular sailing and great atmosphere that this regatta offers are definitely a must-see for everyone spending the second weekend of August in Croatia.

 Overall results of the regatta:

1. Big Grin/Luka Jerčić                        

2. Fortuna express/Ivan Čapin

3. Satan/ Luka Radelić

4. Farabut/ Lovre Perhat

5. Silvijo/ Darko Barhanović

6. Ultra Ribica/ Nađa Tomašević

7. Diablo/ Darko Orlandini

8. Quaka/ Goran Martinović

9. Fugu/ Damir Kraljević

10. Caeziebordo/ Srđan Ninčević

11.Tango/ Boris Bakotić

12. Kain/ Mladen Marević

13. Nora/ Frane Bebić

14. Lunatika/ Anđela De Micheli Vitturi

15. Urška2 / Dean Roić

16. Nora/ Serđo Stubnja

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