Vela Luka – island of Korčula

Vela Luka is the largest place on the island of Korcula, located on the south of Dalmatia. If you are sailing from Vis to the island of Lastovo, it is a natural and safe bay for mooring, refueling, watering and purchasing anything that you will not be able to find on a less populated and remote island of Lastovo. The berth and buoys are organized at the bottom of the bay, at the very center of the place, for approximately 40 sailing boats. There is an electricty on the shore, but unfortunately there but unfortunately there are no toilets or showers, so it is obligatory to use the black tanks in the cove. Information on berth availability in Vela Luka can be obtained at +385915710340/ +385911806727. Mooring fees are 1.64 € per meter + 13.6 € for connection to water, electricity and garbage collection. Approximate price for the 14m yacht is around 37 €.

If you have been able to be moored in Vela Luka then you are in the very heart of the event. There is a school, a municipality, a museum, several cafes, for example “Cesarica”, a restaurant, and the “Greben” shipyard near the ferry port as well as the Kalos rehabilitation center and several hotels. For short stays we recommend private accommodation “bed & breakfast Baltoni” in the very center. From the restaurant we recommend the tavern “Lučica”. Due to its large bay for those who want a quick tour, it is good to rent a bike, and for swimming we recommend renting a boat to the nearby Ošjak or Proizd island. As a bus or rent a car trip the best is to visit the old town of Blato or,a little further away, town of Korcula.

What to buy in Vela Luka:
Definitely homemade olive oil, homemade jams, salted sardines, figs and grapes when is the season and domestic soaps from home work.

What to see in Vela Luka:
Archaeological Art Museum with excavations from the local Vela Spila from the Neolithic Age.

Visit of Vela Spila
The hill of Hum – walking – from here you can enjoy in the magnificent view of Vela Luka, the island of Lastovo and Hvar.
Islands of Ošjak and Proizd- rent a boat
Town of Blato – by bus or rent a car
Town of Korcula – by bus or rent a car

Article by Inga Tomasevic

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