Ultra One Design sailing – Match Race – 2009


Even weather forecast seemed to be quite bad the regatta Ultra One Design sailing 2009 was performed under slightly changed conditions.
The regatta umpires (Neven Baran, Zlatko Jakelić, Emil Tomašević. Irina Matošević and Marko Višić) decided with skippers to perform match race instead of triple race due to strong wind – 25 knots. The ragatta field was placed within harbour of Split
The head umpire Mr. Neven Baran presented the rules and conditions to all the crew member and the pairs to sail were ordered. First to sail were posade Tihana Tadinac (Frapa Women’s sailing team) and Petre Kliba (SCOR Women’s Match Race Team). The crew Ana Gojčeta (SHE Team) were viewing the first duel from the dinghy.

After exciting duel the SCOR team has won the first race. They styed in their boat while the other boat was taken by SHE Team. This race was also won by SCOR team.
In the third race between SHE and Frapa teams, Frapa team was more successful and that was the end of this regatta. The wind become stronger and there were no reason to push any further.

The final order:


SCOR Women’s Match Race Team
1. Petra Kliba – skipper
2. Sanja Žuljević – bowman
3. Nikolina Đakulović – trimm main
4. Jelena Prekalj – trimm jib
5. Irina Matošević – trimm jib


Frapa Women’s sailing team
1. Tihana Tadinac – skipper
2. Nevenka Ćuk – trimm main
3. Natalia Matošić – trimm jib
4. Ivona Dražić – tailer
5. Nora Mratović – bowman


SHE team
1. Ana Gojčeta – skipper
2. Eva Kerekes – bowman
3. Maja Šantić – trimm jib
4. Ana Lovrić – trimm main
5. Ivana Bilić – trimm jib

At 6 pm, after the boats were placed to Croatia Boat Show were they are going to stay to the end of the show, the award ceremony took place. Mr Boris Kero from Sailing Club Frapa. Emil Tomašević and Irina Matošević spoke to the crews anouncing Open Champinship in Match Race that will take place in Marina Frapa – Rogoznica from 10. – 14.06.2009.

Everyone participating in this regatta were very pleased with it. The girls had a chance to try new sailing boats Beneteau First 7500 specialy prepared for this regatta and all upcoming One Design Regattas in Croatia. This one was organised by Ultra and the following one will be soon organized by Marina Frapa.

>> preparation and the training day

Award ceremony – Ultra One Design Sailing 2009

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