Transfer of a sailing boat from Split to Dubrovnik – Beneteau Oceanis 50 “Vittoria”

One of our guests ordered what we call “One Way”- a charter from Dubrovnik to Split. That is why the boarding was a day delayed; on Sunday, as we had to transport Oceanis 50 to our charter base in Dubrovnik.

It would be pretentious to say that it’s a small thing embarking on such a “transfer”, in the peak of the season, and getting away from the office at least for a few days.

Benetau Oceanis 50 is a large yacht and it takes about 14 hours, in favorable weather, to get it to Dubrovnik. Those 95 nautical miles is the most beautiful part of sailing across the Adriatic, the crowd did not bother us at all as we didn’t have any intention or time to stop anywhere. We left our charter base in Split at approximately 10:00 am when the ACI marina was full due to the guest shift. All the way to Hvar there was barely a boat to spot, and then, before Pakleni islands, which is quite understandable, countless luxury yachts, catamarans and sailboats appeared. Their crews were just starting to wake up at their anchorages, to move on for a new day of swimming and sailing in between the islands.

Nautical destinations in Croatia – island Hvar

Sailing further from Hvar to Korcula, we passed near the island of Scedro. Unfortunately we did not have time to take a short dip on one of its most beautiful pebble beaches situated in the southern part of the island – Carnjeni or as the locals call it – Porterusa. If you ever go sailing from Korcula to Hvar, this bay is a perfect place to hide during the northern wind called Bura – actually it is the only one suitable as a shelter.

On the north side of the island Scedro there is another beautiful bay called Lovisce with a lighthouse, marked with a few buoys in front of the restaurant, but it isn’t save during the northern winds.

Nautical destinations in Croatia – island Scedro

After Scedro it was a real joy to enter the channel between the peninsula of Peljesac and the island of Korcula; to be able to see popular surfing destination Viganj on Peljesac, pass by the beautiful walls of Korcula, island Vrnika, monastery on Badija island, and Lumbardaa small village located on the Eastern Cape of the Island of Korčula. The entire archipelago in front of Korcula is amazing, and it was not crowded, even though we were in the heart of the nautical season.

Nautical destinations in Croatia – island Korcula

As we continued sailing towards the island of Mljet it slowly began to get dark. We arrived in Dubrovnik late at night and immediately went to sleep because tomorrow we had scheduled getting up very early – the yacht should be prepared and ready for its guests. Luckily, the guests will have much more time to stay and enjoy the “Vittoria” Oceanis 50 than us…

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