Top 10 sailing destinations in Croatia


There are more and more sailors and those who want to explore the Adriatic. Today, almost any kind of information is instantly available an they are all similar. Working for a long time in charter business we have narrowed down the answers to the question “Which places in Croatia are the best for sailors?”

Sailing is an active type of holiday that can be unforgettable but that depends on your crew, sailing boat or catamaran you rented and the weather conditions. If all these three elements turn out to be good you might manage to visit all the places listed below and which are special to us.


A city of a rich history (from the 7th century) which was under the Ottoman rule as well as Venice. The Republic of Dubrovnik started expanding in the 15th century and had as its part the territories of Peljesac, the islands of Mljet, Lastovo… In 1808 it was conquered by Napoleon. The city was know for its organized social system, wealth acquired by trade and educated people from that period. So today we have a beautiful city which is usually called the pearl of the Adriatic. Don’t miss visiting the old town if you rented a sailing boat at Komolac ACI marina.LINK


MLJET – National Park

Mljet is a big island and its western part was proclaimed a National Park. If your boat is anchored in Pomena or Polace, the anchoring price also includes an entrance ticket to the National Park. In the center of the park there are two salt water lakes surrounded by a dense pine forest; the islet of Melita on the Big Lake (Veliko Jezero) has a well preserved Benedictine monastery. A canoe trip to the islet or a bike ride around the lake and the village of Soline where the lakes meet the sea will be a real vacation for those who want peace and tranquility. More on Mljet at → LINK



Korcula is a place of rich history and it is well known as the birth place of Marco Polo. Korcula ACI marina is located in the very center of Korcula in which you can see the Venetian influence on the city walls and the old houses. Not only is Korcula a good sailing location if you sail from Dubrovnik to Split but it’s also suitable for history, nature and night life lovers during the summer season. A beautiful archipelago near Korcula with the islands of Badija and Vrnik and Lumbarda as well gives you a possibility to stay more than 1 day. More on the island at → LINK



Lastovo is a Nature Park. Just like the island of Vis, the island of Lastovo was due to its defensive importance closed by the former Yugoslavia for the foreigners preventing thus the development of tourism. Now, when it’s available to everyone, you can anchor your boat at Jurjeva Luka (former military port) as well as in Mali Lago bay. If you anchor in Zaklopatica or Lucica don’t miss visiting Lastovo where jazz concerts take place during the summer and in the winter Lastovo is known for its carnival, a tradition nurtured by the local people. The village is also known for its chimneys. There are about 800 people living in Lastovo and at the beginning of the century there were 3000 people. The spirit of the old times still lives in the old Lastovo streets.



Vis was for centuries a very important military and maritime centre of the Adriatic. The one who had Vis in possession could monitor the whole Adriatic. As such, due to its position in the former Yugoslavia (until 1991), this island was the centre of the Yugoslavian army; sailors and tourist were forbidden to visit the island. Since the army left the island, it was discovered by sailors as an untouched destination, not disfigured by hotels and mass construction. Anchoring can be done in Vis (here you can visit the Maritime Museum) and Komiza (visit the Fishing Museum). It is popular to visit the Cave of Tito on the island and to go for a day trip to the neighbouring island of Bisevo famous for its Blue Cave. Day trips to the beautiful Stiniva bay on the southern part of the island are also very popular. More on the island at → LINK 



If you sail from Vis or Korcula toward Split, you should stop in Hvar where in the summer an anchor more is always wanted. This famous sailors’ destination is visited by chartered or private sailing boats from Croatia and Italy as well. Hvar is located on the southern side of the island and it is famous for its beach bars, night life and clean sea. Pakleni islands in front of Hvar are popular swimming destinations for the locals and tourists; there is also Palmizana ACI marina connected by taxi boats with Hvar. More on the island at → LINK



This urban, 2000 years old town, from the period of Diocletian has preserved his palace in the very center of the town. ACI marina is a 10 minute walk from the center. This Mediterranean town provides shelter to sailors in the center of the town and besides historical monuments you can find good restaurants, go shopping or visit some of the known galleries close to marina (Mestrovic Gallery). More on Split and our charter base see at → LINK



This small town is only 12 km from Split Airport and it is a favorite sailors’ starting point. Trogir ACI marina is close to the old city which is perfect for walking. According to our surveys and statistics, Trogir has in the past four years been a favourite starting point for the sailors due to the vicinity of the airport, the town itself and a well organized marina. More on sailing boats charter from Trogir at → LINK



Skradin is a small place in the vicinity of Sibenik. We mention this place because it is close to the National Park of Krka. With seven waterfalls and a fall of 240 m these waterfalls are a natural phenomenon. The park can be reached by a local taxi boat if you have anchored your boat in the nearby Skradin ACI marina. This is a great choice during summer heats.


KORNATI  – National Park

The National Park of Kornati is in tourist brochures often referred to as a nautical paradise. Cruising between 89 islands of the park has a special charm. The island of Piskera is an uninhabited island. It has an ACI marina which is the greatest civilization achievement in this untouched part of the nature surrounded by numerous islands, islets and lighthouses. Piskera ACI marina is special for the sailors because it’s in the center of the National Park. The marina offers a good protection from bura; the protection from the southern winds is not that good. It is open from 1 April till 31 October. Entrance tickets prices can be checked here → LINK


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