Secret Croatia, Island of Susak


Secret Croatia, Island of  Susak

What makes Susak special?

·sandy, sunny, remote and sparsely populated island

·no cars on the island

·just one primary school

·22.5 NM from Pomer (Pula)…and the beautiful lighthouse of Porer

·a little slice of heaven on Earth… in the off season Susak is the place to be for everybody seeking spiritual awakening and peacefulness


According to history records, the period of stability and prosperity was at the end of the XIX century with 1900 inhabitants living on the island, planting grapes on their sandy grounds and making famous Sansigot wine.

During that period, production of the grapes and wines was the highest per unit area in the entire Mediterranean. Even today, we can see preserved remains of the dry stone walling terraces, erected as sturdy boundaries to take the effects of wind and heavy rain away and prevent the sand from eroding.

At the beginning of the XX century, and after the Second World War there was a large immigration wave mainly in the New York suburbs of Hoboken and Weehawken. Their community in New York is still strong and numerous. They come to visit in summer, so the island has a special atmosphere and in a special way comes to life. The dialect of these islanders (Croatian with influence, Italian, French and English-American) is often the inspiration in Croatian literature for describing the harsh island life with a touch of humor.

Traditional women’s costume from Susak

The only settlement on the island consists of an upper and a lower village, connected by two stairways of about a hundred pillars surrounding the sandy path.

Total amount of houses on the island is 684, and not all of them are inhabited. It is a mixture of old authentic homes, abandoned houses and magnificent buildings mostly made with capital from America.

Traditional women’s costume reveals Susak peculiarities, layered skirts above the knees, wool socks and shoes with sheep skin or rubber, ideal for walking on the sand.

When is the best time to visit the island?

Summer, early August. It takes 2 hours from Rijeka to reach Susak with fast ferry / catamaran, and the price is 50 HRK or 7 EUR. The closest major island is Losinj connected in summer by a direct ferry. In the meantime, expatriates are coming to Susak for holidays and organize weddings where you will be able to see specific Susak folk costumes. Susak costume dolls are the best souvenir to take with you from the island.

Where to anchor?

Not recommended as a safe harbor, but for a short stop on a nice summer’s day to visit the village, you can anchor in front of the breakwater (depth of around 7m). Pay attention not to interfere with the ferry lines when they are docking (the breakwater is reserved for permanent daily ferries and excursion boats). Also, be careful not to anchor from the plane of the breakwater towards the end of the vast port of Susak where shallow waters are everywhere.

Large sandy beach of Bok is just there as well, heading East, where you can stop on buoy or anchor. Anchor at least 100m away from it, as there is a risk of stranding on large sand ponds and deposits.

Another possibility of anchorage is behind Arat Punta (300m from the shore is 6.5m depth) in Tiesni Bay, at the southeast part of the island. It has maximum depth of 13m in the middle of the bay and it is the rockiest part of the island.

In the northwestern part of the island a beautiful bay of Porat is located and it is the best anchorage if you are caught by Bura wind. This bay is not protected from other winds.

INFO for sailors:

A dozen of berths in the port all have power supply, but generally they are reserved for permanent lines and larger yachts.

Although, there are trash and waste containers, it would be nice if you didn’t leave your trash on the island.

It is not possible to buy fuel or gas.

Susak Port Authority Contact: 0999335876


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