Saint Duje festivity


People from Split will say their town is the most beautiful  on Earth, and they have said it long enough for that sentence to become a part of local speech. But on May 7th every year it shines brighter than most days. On that day Split celebrates its patron saint  St. Duje, and it is a true celebration.

From early morning people are coming to the town’s center, getting ready for the procession and mass afterwards on Riva. It is an interesting fact that today’s St. Duje’s cathedral is located right in center of Diocletian’s palace, Roman emperor who allegedly had St. Duje executed due to his christian beliefs and teachings.

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By noon the whole city center is full uf people, all the restaurants and caffes are full, street vendors have their hands full with children demanding gummy bears and baloons, and adults looking to buy something wooden (as this is a tradition for this day; you know you will get another wooden spoon as every year).

In the afternoon people at Riva take part in the popular raffle for which you buy tickets and wait patiently (or not so patiently) for your numbers to be drawn. Day ends with a concert that ends after midnight when the celebration is officially over. So you see this is an all day event, so if you find yourself near Split on this day, don’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of this festivity.

Author – Tatjana Čelić

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