SAILING TIPS: Tacking a sailing boat


Tacking is the manoeuvre of crossing the boat (it´s bow) over the wind. In this manoeuvre we are reaching the wind from the other side of the boat in order to change our course to the other side of the wind. Sometimes in narrow passages we have to make this manoeuvre multiple times. That is called ˝beating˝.

Be careful:
– that all the windows on the bow have been closed before sailing otherwise you might brake them with your head sail or sheets
-that all of the crew members have been notified that the manoeuvre will be made because the boat will be heeling on the other side after the manoeuvre
– that the cockpit has been cleared from all the unnecessary stuff so we don´t trip over them
– if anything bad happens, always release the main sheet and point the boat closer to the wind and you will depower the boat (and you will get your boat back in upright position)

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