SAILING TIPS: Gybing a sailing boat

Once we start our journey in sailing there is one critical manoeuvre to master… After proceeding up towards the wind and pointing our bow downwind we come to a point were we might change our course across the wind. This manoeuvre is nothing to be worried about if you understand all steps one by one. Let´s take a look at the video below :

As you can see it is not so hard, isn´t it? Just make sure your crew knows exactly what to do at what time. Now, let´s talk about the manoeuvre generally and what to be carefull about.

Gybing is the manoeuvre of crossing the stern (back end of the boat) across the wind. It is a dangerous manoeuvre in relation to stronger wind. Only proceed with this manoeuvre if you are more than confident with competency of your crew.

Be carefull:

-that the boom might swing on the other side unpredicted (if the wind changes direction)

-that the boom is completely pulled to the center before crossing the running course (180 degrees of the wind)

-that the boom is immediately released after the wind comes to the other side of the sail to prevent weather helm (force of the bow going towards the wind)

If you are not confident of doing this manoeuvre there is a safer way of doing it- called a chicken gybe (turning the boat for 270 degrees with bow across the wind)

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