School full spead ahead, Saturday in Ultra bases


From early morning on Ultra pier in Trogir was very interesting . Last preparation on our First 47.7 – Stončica for sailing to Corfu and back . Our offshore skipper Jakiša comenting weather forecast by puting safety line on deck .
Slowly he ask ; do You have heavy weather anchor on board, his right hand and famous adventure writter Mr. Mladen Šćerbe said , do not worry if we decide to stay few days more , if we have bad weather we will visit Albania , it is a perfect place for good story .

In next moment they dissipeared with some of new crew members with words …., we go in shoping once more time to buy some biscuits for our skipper , without them he could fall in sleep and then who will bring as back home .
On other side in our shop our Basic instructor Antonija and main school office taskforce Maja decided to prepare complet list of suits and gears for advantage course crew and as well for begginers course .
All of them have to receive sailing suits , sailing course manuals , ropes for knots training and etc .
Advance teacher Miro and basic teacher Draško did last works to prepare Gaston and La gaffe for basic course and Be First for advantage course .
Finnally , students one by one for three different courses (four crews) arrived and our famous pontoon D was full of people checking and wearing their orange life jackets , sailing suits …, instuctors started to give first lessons and basic information of boats which
each crew will used .

First on a water was Advantage course on First 34.7 , Miro called from outside bay …there is 20 knots of Maestral out there , perfect for sailing , tell to Basic programe to make “first reef for a first sailing” .
Order fullfiled and basic course Firsts 7500 Gaston and La Gaffe with Antonija and Draško were “airborn” . After last preparation even Stončica started 400 NM sailing route to Corfu and back in one breath .

Quite satisfied Trogir base manager mr. Tadija comment to his capable team ; perfect , lets make lunch brake and we can start work , real work – charters check in , boat has to be ready and clients are ver close I can feel it . In our Kaštela base nearly holiday atmosfere , “only” 13 boats on check in . Others as well as complet fleet of 10 Firsts 45s are for two weeks sailing , so no coming back in a base .
Because of it Kaštela crew decide even to make real “Company lunch” for such “easy Saturday” oportunity .

From Dubrovnik base no news , from our leading couple Tomi and Ivana . All boats on check in , team working full speed Saturday , no time for reports . Nice weather and Maestral not giving a chance to bad weather forecast , so we hope it will continue like this all week .
Perfect conditions for sailing started in good moment , moment of longest day in a year . What more to we need ,yes good Ultra boat and bit of time as well ……




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