Sailing in Croatia: On the way to Montenegro


There are lot of clients who charter a boat in Dubrovnik so they can visit Montenegro but in case you plan to do that there are few important things you should know.

First thing is paperwork. Make sure you have the original papers of the boat  you are on together with the authorization of the charter company that gives you an approval to leave Croatia and enter Montenegro with their boat. Without those things your trip to Montenegro will end really soon. Also don’t forget the flag of Montenegro and the yellow flag because you will need them for crossing the borders. I would also advise to have two skippers with the licences on the boat, although you will not have any problems in Montenegro if you have only one skipper on board you could have some problems on Croatian side.


Tivat Porto Montenegro

When you ‘re sure that you have all the papers that are needed then you need to know the procedure that follows. First step is to make a check out of Croatia and you can do that either in Dubrovnik in Gruž or in Cavtat. Here I would advise Gruž because although border crossing in Cavtat should work from 8am-8pm there were lot of clients who came down there and found it closed so they needed to wait for the next morning.  Important thing to remember is that after the check out you can not stop anywhere all the way to Montenegro, not even for a swim, because otherwise you will need to pay a fine of approximately 150 euros. So after the check out from Croatia you start heading to Montenegro. There are several points of entry to Montenegro although most of the clients usually go either to Zelenika or Porto Montenegro in Tivat. I would advise you to make the check in Zelenika for several reasons, thats the closest point of entry to the Croatia territory and the procedure of the check in is pretty simple and fast comparing to the other points of entry. And basicly thats it, welcome to Montenegro!

P.S. Also make sure to visit marina Porto Montenegro in Tivat because I can safely say that thats the most beautiful marine I have ever visited.

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2 Responses to “Sailing in Croatia: On the way to Montenegro”

  1. Samantha says:

    Do you need to check in once you arrive in Montenegro?
    Where do you do that?
    Or do you only need to check out? And where is that?

    • Ultra Sailing Team says:

      Hi Samantha, when you are leaving Croatia you need to do check out custom in Gruž or Cavtat and also check in in Montenegro (Only Zelenika).Opposite procedure is when you are leaving Montenegro to Croatia…

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