Sailing from Dubrovnik to Split

To see the most of the South Adriatic, the best thing is to sail from Dubrovnik to Split or Trogir. In a way, it is nicer to start from Split and slowly go down towards Dubrovnik where there is no much crowd in the high season. If you go from Dubrovnik, take at least one day for sightseeing. The marina is located in Rijeka Dubrovacka (a part of the city) with a current that is rarely stronger than 1 knot. The bora wind (bura) can be very strong in that part.

The ACI marina was built in 1984 when the norms and standards of the vessels were smaller so when you come to the marina, sailors from the marina or the Ultra sailing employees will wait for you if you rented a vessel at Ultra sailing. The marina has a beautiful pool with a nice restaurant, a laundry room, Wi-Fi, a reception desk, a supermarket and a gas station for vessels. There are buses from the marina which go frequently to the old town.

Mooring in the neighbouring bay of Gruz is not possible because it is intended for the Orsan sailing club and numerous ferries and cruise ships in the summer season. In the near future, there is a plan to build a marina in the Slano bay. The plan is to build around 200 new berths in order to reduce crowds in the ACI marina which has become to small.

Map Dubrovnik to Split

Day 1 (Saturday)
If you arrive earlier, you will have time for an early handover of the sailing boat, grocery shopping and visiting the center of Dubrovnik.

Day 2 (Sunday)
Dubrovnik – Prozura (island of Mljet)
Prozura is a small place with around 30 residents. There are 2 restaurants in the place in front of which you will find buoys for the guests as well as berths at the coast (with electricity). Sleeping in this bay will be quiet and hidden by a small island in front of it. If there is not enough space, you can return to the near Okuklje bay.

Day 3 (Monday)
Prozura – Polace (island of Mljet)
Entering the Polace bay, you have entered the National Park. The entrance ticket is 90 kn per person (children up to 6 years for free) and includes a bus ride to/from the Big Lake (Veliko jezero) as well as a visit to the Benedictine abbey on the Melita islet. You can stay at the lakes all day because it is not crowded, the salt lakes are warm and it is possible to rent bikes, kayaks etc. Children and those who live silence will certainly enjoy this place.

There is an ATM machine in Polace and besides a few good restaurants you can buy bread. The bay has berths/buoys and is more protected than the neighbouring Pomena bay which is quite open to the bora wind.
Check the island of Mljet link

Day 4 (Tuesday)
Polace (Mljet) – Luka (island of Korcula)
If you are out of water and electricity, the best thing is to moor your boat at the ACI marina in Korcula with a note that in the high season you should come around 11 am when it is still possible to find a spot. You can also moor your boat at a buoy in the neighbouring bay of Luka which is a ten minute walk from Korcula. In Korcula you can buy anything you need and visit the house in which Marco Polo was born.
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Day 5 (Wednesday)
Korcula – Scedro
If you have bought food supplies in Korcula, we suggest staying one night on the island of Scedro in the Lovisce bay. This bay is the safest on the island but not very convenient when the bora wind blows. Local restaurants (there are 3) provide free buoys. The sea is clean and the bay is quiet. There is no water, electricity or market on the island. Several people live on the island in the winter and in the summer their families join them.

On uninhabited islands like Scedro it is always good to put an empty plastic bottle on the rope tied to the coast because of the hungry mice which look forward to the boats and the food.
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Day 6 (Thursday)
Scedro – Pakleni islands (in front of Hvar)
The Pakleni islands are a 2 hour ride from Scedro. If you sail in May, at the beginning of June or in September, you will have no problems finding a spot at the ACI marina Palmizana or buoys at the southern side of Palmizana. If you don’t like the crowd after having visited Mljet and Scedro, it might be better to avoid the crowd around Hvar and visit the island of Vis (where you should also arrive at least till 4 pm) to catch a buoy
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Day 7 (Friday)
Pakleni islands – Split/Trogir
Split is 2 NM away from the Pakleni islands so you can set off towards Split in the late afternoon. If you decide to go in the morning, you can go swimming in one of the bays in the Splitska Vrata channel (Bobovisce or Lucica bay).

Day 8 (Saturday)
Seven days pass quickly…

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