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We all like Vis for its regata, pogaca, good fish, well organized berths, newspapers that arrive later and thus seem more important. We also like the remains of the old fortresses and abandoned bunkers that remind us of some other times. The main destinantions are of course  Vis and Komiza but when the weather is nice it would be a pitty to miss a ride around the island.


On the eastern side of the island the most popular destination for a day trip is the lagoon Budikovac. If you like sand, beautiful bays across Budikovac  as Milna and Zaglav will be a great choice. Anchoring is possible when the weather is nice and if you sail with children they will enjoy it!


On the southern side of the island you will find the popular and well known Stiniva beach where swimming is really special and memorable. There are plenty of visitors in the season so you should come in the early hours whe there’s noone to enjoy the beach only for yourselves.



From Stiniva to Komiza there are only several nautical miles. This is certainly one of the most charming towns on the Adriatic where in the marina you can still jump in the clear waters and be in the heart of the old fishing places. You can visit the fishing museum where you will see exposed the old forgotten types of hooks, nets and of course Falkusa (old traditional fishing boat that paddled to Palagruza and back).


Sailing to Komiza in the heart of the season is interesting because of the many boats that circulate this destination. Vis bay is big and wide. On the left is the place Kut and on the right is Vis. They are both connected and Kut seems nicer and calmer. There are enough buoys for mooring if you arrive between 11:00 and 15:00 hours when all the sailors have gone to Budikovac beach and of course the popular Stoncica. If you decide to visit Stoncica, it will take you a ten minute walk to visit a lighthouse.

If you are spending a night in Komiza, a walk to Vis or Kut will be interesting or you can even watch a movie in the summer outdoor cinema. On this tour we were not able to visit restaurants but from previous experience we recommend Pojada restaurant in Kut well known for its chef as well as Roki’s restaurant in Plisko polje near Vis.



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