Regatta Koka 2017


Organized by the Sailing Club “Uskok”, a well-known one-day regatta “Zadarska koka” took a place 28.10. This regatta was made on the well-known one-day regattas such as Mrduja, Fiumanka and Barcolana. 49 sailing boats started in front of the Zadar harbor towards Puntamika and back to Bajlo. Bigger boats made two rounds, and smaller just one.
Among the registered vessels was Seascape 18 from Ultra sailing with a female crew and Enia Nincevic at the helm. The girls won second place in the ninth category – congratulations!

Here’s an Enia´s comment on sailing with Seascape 18:
“Here’s a pair of my words about Seascape 18. “Here are some of my words about Seascapeu 18. As I come from a small, fast class of course I could not refuse the invitation to Sail with Seascape 18 on “Zadar Regatta Koka”. To begin with, just fitting and launching a boat is not a problem and does not take much time, it is feasible for some 45 minutes without any hesitation, from a boat that is on a trawler to a fully equipped boat ready for the regatta. Systems on board are maximally simplified but functional as well. Even though it was equipped with an outboard engine on a electric drive it was not necessary to use it at all, it was not necessary to use it at all, because once the main sail is raised it is possible to maneuver the boat through the port, at just a few knots of wind. This year’s edition of Zadar’s Regatta Koka offered an exceptionally weak wind, so unfortunately the boat could not drive fast, which is actually the essence of small sailboats so I can not talk about performance when the more serious force is in the sails. It is possible to launch a sailboat with the movements of the body as in small classes, so it’s easy to maneuver between larger ships, and you get the right feeling for the helm. The mainsail and jib are good, while in the genus it can be oscillated in the form itself.
All in all a funny little toy .. “

Enia Nincevic

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