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Regatta Mrduja  is an event that we all love. Those who do not participate like to sit on the pier or in the nearest cafe or Sustipan park and observe. This year, Saturday morning started sunny and cheerful. The start was at 11:00 when the weather started to change with southern wind and it started rainig. The finishing line in Split was crossed by  165 sailboats and the additional finishing line at Mrduja by 172 boats. The 82nd regatta Mrduja will be remembered as the fastest race; even the last boat Barbara finished the race more than two hours before the expiration of the limited time. The oldest participant in the race was 88 years old, on the sailing boat “Larus“ from the sailing club “Labud”. The youngest crew with an avarage age of 19 was on the sailboat “Gaston“ from the sailing club Split, with female crew and skipper Angela De Micheli Vitturi. The winner of the regatta is the sailing boat “Marina Kastela ” which sailed the route from Split to Mrduja and back in the fastest time so far 2:09:51…..
See you next year!

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