“Petit Amie” won after 140NM Seascape challenge


When was the last time you spent 15 or even 30 hours straight doing what you love without distractions, interruptions or breaks? When was the last time you enjoyed a wonderful day outdoors with your family member or best friend? When was the last time you saw the sun setting on the horizon and waited to see it rise again on the other side? 73 people can answer to all that with: “Yesterday!” They were fast enough to register in time, arranged their life so that they could travel to tiny village Jezera on island Murter, Croatia and sail 70 or 140 miles nonstop on small but fun sailboats #Seascape (doublehanded).

Better sailing days are hardly imagined, the wind only lacked towards the end.Regatta started in Murter. Long route was planned 140NM and short route 70NM .

Long route Seascape Challenge

Emil and Igor (Petit Amie) led the fleet almost the whole time and took home the win for Seascape27s .While no 24 decided to sail the long route, Dani and Jon sailed first over the finish line of the short.

Final results can be found here

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