Offshore Adriatic islands – the island of Susac

Susac is a Croatian island in the open central Adriatic Sea, 23 km west of Lastovo and southeast of Vis. Over the south-western cape is the Kanola lighthouse, the northernmost point of the island is the Nazene cape and the easternmost the Lastovac cape. The highest peak, Veli Gark of 243 m, is in the northeast.

Throughout the history, Susac never had more than 24 residents. Today, there is only the lighthouse keeper and in summer his family, friends or the relatives of former residents. The south-eastern part of the island is the most indented, with bays one next to another. The capes between the bays should be avoided because they are shallow. Although these bays are protected from all the winds except from the south wind, overnight stay is not recommended.

Besides the lighthouse from 1878 which is worth visiting, there are several uninhabited houses on the hill above the Portic bay (except for the summer). On the hill next to the village there are the ruins of a pre-Romanesque church. The bay also has a dock for ships.

If you happen to come to this bay and meet few inhabitants, don’t forget to leave to them a newspaper and some bread; this is a custom when visiting remote islands. In the last years it is popular to rent the lighthouse so in the summer you can often meet guests who decided to spend their vacation far from everything.

We recommend visiting this island only during nice and calm weather. A long time ago, a band from Split called Daleka obala sang a song about the island named Susac blues. Every year, the sailing club Mornar from Split organizes a regatta around Susac.




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