Offshore Adriatic islands – the island of Palagruza


Palagruža is an island of volcanic origin that is situated far away in the open sea, 32 miles from the island Lastovo. It is not an island where you can spend a night or find a shelter when the weather goes bad, quite the opposite. Palagruža is one of those nautical destinations that you just visit for a few hours and then sail away right after that.

Palagruža consists of two islands, Vela and Mala Palagruža, that are apart about 100 meters from one another. The highest point of the island is situated near the west side of Vela palagruža ( 91 meters ) and there you can find a lighthouse tower with a house that was built in 1875. The lighthouse keepers that are living there are the only inhabitants on the island.


During the history Palagruža had military and economic significance. Strategicly the island was an important observatory for monitoring the Adriatic sea. Economically Palagruža was a really good place for fishing.
The anchoring in this area is not recommended because of the rocks that rolled over in to the sea from the steep banks of the island. Also keep in mind that there is a lot of rocks that are surrounding Palagruža therefore if you decide to visit this distant island be careful and check the nautical charts for the dangers that you can encounter there.

„Rota Palagruzona“ is traditional regatta from Komiza to Palagruza. It is race between old- timer fisherman’s boats called „Falkusa“. We were lucky to meet them on spot in Palagruza on our way back from Malta . Thanks to our instructor from that navigation course , we have a few photos as memory on that event.

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