Oceanis 38.1 rental from Dubrovnik & Trogir

Sailboats less than 40 feet in Croatia are not common in charter fleets. The reason is that the price of their annual berth is almost the same as for the larger sailboats, so the new charter agencies do not generally offer sailing boats less than 43 feet. In Ultra fleet you can still find 12 sailboats, newer generations, less than 39 feet. Since there are a lot of participants from our Ultra sailing school and those who have become the true sailors, we try to offer sailing boats for smaller groups and those who enjoy sailing. In our fleet we have 5 sailboats Oceanis 38.1, most often rented by couples,  families or friends. Apart from Oceanis 38.1 we also offer 6 x Oceanis 35.1 from Split for regattas, flotilla and classic skippered charter. Both models have a spacious cockpit and 3 cabins. The difference is that Oceanis 38.1 has 2 toilets and it is longer and larger, of course.

The price of the new Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 for purchase can be checked on the official website of Beneteau representative for Croatia.

Oceanis 38.1 yacht rental weekly rates range from 1400 € in pre-season to 3190 € in the peak season (July and August). Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 models that Ultra sailing Croatia offers are:

„Luce“ Oceanis 38.1 from Dubrovnik

„Cvita“ Oceanis 38.1 from Trogir

„Majano“ Oceanis 38.1 from Trogir

„Rusalka“ Oceanis 38.1 from Trogir

„Kornati“ Oceanis 38.1 from Sukošan (Kornati)



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