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Slano is a small town situated about 30 km north of Dubrovnik, and it is a place where a new ACI marina is being built. It is the first new ACI marina in 24 years so for the people of this area and the sailors and yachtmen this is a very big deal. This new marina will have a capacity of 200 hundred yachts from 11 to 25 meters in length. At first it seems like a sleepy little seaside town, but in the summer there is a lot of life, and yachts either on anchor or tied to the piers all over Slano bay.


There are many possibilities of anchoring or berthing in Slano, but there are also some areas where the water is shallow so keep an eye out for those places. The shore in front of the village Grgurići is a good example of those kind of places so don’t come to close to it.  Near this area there are two restaurants you can visit. At the end of the bay there is a port where you can berth, the depth goes from 2,5 to 4 meters. There are no mooring lines there so you will either need to use the anchor and tie stern ropes to the shore or you can tie the boat parallel to the port. Since the port provides water and electricity and the shop is also near this would be the place I would recommend for spending the night.


South part of the bay called Banje is the most beautiful part of Slano but keep in mind that water here is also shallow so you would need to anchor and use the dinghy for going to the shore. Although in this place you are protected from bura and jugo the holding ground in some points is poor so you need to be careful while choosing the anchorage.

Take a walk around the outdoor archeological museum situated next to the church of St. Hieronymus, with artefacts that date from 1st to 6th century. There are a few restaurants in Slano, but I would recommend Kolarin and Mirakul, where you can enjoy a seafood platter, meat from the grill with vegetables or a pizza.


Visit the popular local folk fair „Siđ“ which takes place during 1 st and 2nd of August each year, which celebrates Our lady of angels. Try the famous roasted whole lamb and be a part of this festive event.

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