Saplunara, island Mljet

Mljet is one of the most beautiful islands of the Adriatic, made up mostly of lush green trees. Nacional park Mljet takes up its west part and consists of salt lakes and bays Pomena and Polače where you can anchor your boat. This time we have decided on Saplunara bay on the southeast part of Mljet. That bay is the closest even when sailing from nearby Šipan or more further away Dubrovnik.

The bay is wide and spacious, with aprox. 25 bouys. Most of them belong to the restaurant „Ante’s place“ which we highly recommend. Berths are free for restaurant patrons. The owner is a ship’s captain and he will entertain you with stories while you wait for your meal or sip drinks on the terrace with seaview. Big and harmless russian terrier accompanied by a chatty and daring little girl will also catch your eye.

In the last few years „Ante’s place“ expanded its service and now has apartments in offer as well, called „Butique Pine Tree Resort „ and they are located right next to the main sandy beach.

If you take a 20 minute stroll from Saplunara to Limoni bay, you will find yourself on the most popular beach on Mljet. It can’t be reached by boat and anchoring is not allowed, only small boats from the locals are allowed in.

Sunset is the best time of day to visit Limoni bay, when the crowds have left and sea is the warmest. Early in the morning you will come across an occasional jogger or a dog. True nature lovers come to this bay, so do not be surprised if you see half-naked ,barefoot people emerging from a hidden camper or camping all day in front of their tent.


Article by Inga Tomašević

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