Nautical destinations: Prozura


Prozura is place on the norhen side of island Mljet. Prožura is actually a village that can’t be seen form the sea, but its inhabitants came down from the village and founded Prozurska luka (Port of Prožura) on the sea. From the first glance at this small fishermen’s village you could never tell that it was once under severe pirate attack, so even today there is a fort in Prožura where people would hide during these attacks; don’t miss out on visiting it.

Today Prozura is a peaceful village with less than 50 inhabitants. Here you can get a good night’s sleep on your boat, although the bay doesn’t provide good shelter during bura and tramuntana.

There are a few restaurants (taverns) here with local  specialities (try the wild boar or goat under the bell), but also be ready to pay a bit more than most places you’ve eaten before.  If you want to catch your own food, part of the bay next to the little island Planjak is a great place to stay on the boat, plus there is a lot of fish here, so you would only need to get to the village to get some bread.

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