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Milna on the island Brač is the most popular nautical place on this island. When entering this port, there is a gas station for boats on the right side, and inside the bay are the ACI marina and the marina in Vlaška bay (on the left).

Milna was the first settlement on the shore, bulit at the end of XVI century. Until then, all bigger villages were on the hills because of fear of pirate attacks.


Its bloom Milna had in XVIII and XIX century during the period of big wooden sailing ships. It was a merchant center then, and had a direct boatline with Trieste (right until World War I). In that period the baroque church Our lady of good tidings was built, which we recommend to visit.

Inspite of shipyards and wine making, Milna could not resist changes that came. With big sailing ships going away and disease Peronospora attacking the grapevines, most of the local inhabitans escaped the rough life that followed, and emmigrated to Chile and other countries of South America. Those who became wealthy in the „new“ countries never forgot Milna, so one of them Ivan Bonačić Sargo left all his fortune to the village after his death. As a sign of gratitude, locals erected a small monument to him.


Fates of people then, as well as living in the prosperous village followed by hard times and emigration were beautifully described by a Chilean writer Esteban Antonio Skarmeta Vranicic. Originally from Bobovišća on island Brač, he had opportunity to hear his grandmother talk about tales from Brač. All those who love the island and/or are nostalgic, we recommend his novel „Poet’s wedding“ which he dedicated to his ancestors.

Today’s, ghosts of old shipyards are visible when entering the bay, as well as of old sardine factory „Fabrika“ that used to employ most of the locals. Population is getting older and older, and are facing new problems in this day and age, like bad connection to Split and the huge difference in quality of life between summer and winter time.
Take a walk through Milna and its narrow, stone streets to know the life that it was before. Maybe you will encounter an older local who will talk in the almost extinct dialect „cakavism“, slowly dissapearing due to schools, media and the proximity of the Split dialect.


There is a school here also, with fewer and fewer pupils, a post office, tourist bureau, bank, clinic and a few small shops.

Two pizza places „Slika“ and „Galija“ are owned by the locals and choosing them is a good idea. Restaurants are changeable, and the last one renewed is the one in the ACI marina, where you can order fresh fish.

End of July – pulling of Mrduja (small island between Brač and neighbouring Šolta)



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