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If you find yourself visiting Dubrovnik or sailing its waters, don’t miss a chance to visit Lopud, one of the Elaphiti islands and many would say the most beautiful. There is no traffic here, so forget about car horns and motorbikes. Two spacious bays  are situated here, and my recommendation is to start in Lopud bay.


You can tie your boat inside the harbor at the end of the breakwater, or on the outer side, just keep in mind here docks the ferry so you may have to move your boat. Step out on the shore and start visiting all the churches, monasteries and summer houses that are on this island.

Most of the Dubrovnik noble families had a house here during the famous Dubrovnik Republic. The most famous summer house is that of the family Đorđić surrounded by a beautiful tropicalesque park with stone benches in case you need to take a load off.

Lopud is not only an island rich in history but also attracts a lot of tourists, so you can find accommodation here with no problem, whether you prefer hotels or more quiet family hotels and villas. There are also a few restaurants in Lopud bay, whichever one you choose, you won’t make a mistake.


From Lopud bay take a walk through the forest across to other bay (note this is cca 1 km hike), or better yet hop on a buggy (ticket is around 10 kuna per person) and go on the opposite side of the island, to the sandy Šunj beach. It is a one of kind beach in these parts, and it is very popular not only to tourists but to locals too.  A couple of restaurants provide snacks and drinks, not too pricey like the restaurants in Lopud bay. You can also get a sunbed and a parasol which you will need if you are here in the summer. Of course you can always escape to the shade of the pine forest, and while you’re there take a tour of Our lady of Šunj church. Take your time to get to know this green oasis of peace, it is truly an otherworldly island.


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