Nautical destinations: Kaprije


If you find yourself sailing from Trogir or Split to Kornati, a great choice to spend the night is Kaprije island. Situated about 15km southwest of Šibenik, it is connected to the mainland by ferry 3-4 times a day.


Kaprije bay is open to the west wind and during the summer it is better to get there earlier to make sure you have a berth. Besides berths on the breakwater (place for about 20 sailboats), there are about 20 buoys in the bottom of the bay. Berths are not free, you will be charged for them.

In the village you will find a small shop, a post office and a few restaurants situated on the sea bank. The beauty of this small village is seen in the old small houses in the upper part, which are mostly restaurated and full of life.

During the winter, only a few loclas live here, living mostly off of the sea.

For a decent homecooked meal, we recommend „Kod Kate“ where you can have anything from black risotto to quality fish, or you can buy yourself a jar of capers, after which this island was named for.

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