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We have moved away from the sea for a while. If you have anchored your ship in Opatija or Pula you have time to take a tour of Istria. The best thing is to go to the continental part and visit Motovun.

This small place, situated on a hilltop, is a perfect escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. The city dates back to the Roman times and it grew through the centuries. Motovun has a beautiful view of the valley through which flows the river Mirna. Forests and meadows are peace oases and the local specialty is the famous truffle which is a must-try. Truffles are mushrooms which are found in the ground at a depth of 10 to 30 cm which makes them therefore not easy to find in the nature. For this purpose specially trained dogs and pigs are used which by their sense of smell discover the mature mushrooms.

This area is known for the Tartufari dog breed (truffle hunting dogs) which are known as nice pets which will eat all your shoes due to the desire for digging and mushroom hunting.
The place has a luxury hotel with reasonable prices; private accomodation can also be found but the offer is not big. This seems to be an ideal destination for couples and those who want a short weekend break eating good food, walking, cycling, enjoying the pool, massage…

Pas tartufar

Tartufari dog

Croatian filmmakers have chosen Motovun as a place for the summer Motovun Film Festival which has proved itself to be a very successful and interesting event.

Veli Joze has been an obligatory reading material in Croatia for decades. It is a story of freedom and greed at the time of the Ventians. The main character is Veli Joze, a brave and good giant from the surroundings of the Istrian town of Motovun. The book was written by a famous Croatian writer, Vladimir Nazor, based on folk tales and folk motifs from this region. No wonder he chose this picturesque place for inspiration… Search for it yourselves in the late spring or autumn…

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