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Lastovo is one of the islands where the time seems to have stopped. In former Yugoslavia, Lastovo had just like the island of Vis a significant defensive importance. That is why it was closed for foreigners and the tourism couldn’t develop. So now, it is the most forested Croatian island surrounded by small islands which welcome sailors during summer months.

The Italians know a lot about the island because it belonged to them from 1918 till 1943 when they had a regular hydroplane line to Italy; in Jurjeva Luka you can still see the place where hydroplanes were dragged out. Even today, and especially after the island was no longer forbidden for sailing, the Italian sailors are the most common visitors of this island.


Today, on Lastovo many summer events are organized to revive the island which is becoming more and more interesting to people in search of peace and tranquility and which provides experienced sailors with many safe and calm moorings. Jurjeva Luka is the safest shelter on Lastovo and in the past it was an anchorage for military ships. It is hidden in the north-western part of Veli lago bay where Ubli is located, a ferry port on Lastovo with regular ferry line to Split. Another safe bay is Mali lago on the northern side of the island.

The biggest place on the island is Lastovo. There is a bus from Pasadur (bridge between Veli and Mali lago) going to Lastovo in the summer months. If you anchored your boat in Lucica or Zaklopatica (3 km away), take a walk to Lastovo, an old settlement with a population decline. There are around 800 people in Lastovo today while at the beginning of the century there were 3000 people.


Lastovo is known for its carnival, which is very important for the local people, and the interesting chimneys which give the place a certain uniqueness. The spirit of Lastovo, once a big settlement, is felt particularly on the square where the school is also located. It was built in 1927 during the Italian reign on the place where the oldest school in Croatia was built in 1579. You will definitely feel nostalgic for the old times walking through this place…


Buy some local wine (plavac) and the seasonal fruit and vegetable is for sure locally produced.

In 2006 the islands of Lastovo were proclaimed a Nature Park which stretches on a surface of 195,83 km2. Sail towards this island and you will definitely enjoy its untouched nature.

The best restaurants in Lastovo are located in Zaklopatica and they are offering a free berth for their guests. There are two restaurants that we would like to recommend as a great choice:

Restoran Augustainsula → link
Contact: Ante +385 20/801 161


Restaurant Triton → link
Contact : +385 20/801 161

For all those who wish to experience a rural tourism, we recommend a family from Lastovo, who offers everything from their private garden → link
Contact: +385 98 920 4821

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