Nautical destinations: Cavtat – southern gem


Situated in the southernmost part of Croatia, Cavtat is a real little gem, which comes as a great relaxing place after visiting Dubrovnik with its numerous visitors. This town goes back to ancient times when it was called Epidaurus; the locals say you can still see what remains of the old walls in main Cavtat port, when the weather is nice even without a diving mask.


There are two places in Cavtat where you can spend the night if on a boat: Tiha bay and the main port of Cavtat that is ont the other side of Rat peninsula.  Tiha bay provides a good shelter from jugo, but not so much from bura that blows directly into it. Main port of Cavtat gives a good protection from both bura and jugo, but not from the northwest wind maestral and from the southwest wind lebić; in those situations it can get a bit tricky.

Keep in  mind that during season pier in Cavtat can get crowded with megayachts; Montenegro is close and customs and harbourmaster’s office are in Cavtat, so many decide to stay here before going to Montenegro.


As you enter the main port, you already start feeling at peace and your winding down begins; the whole town is immersed in Mediterranian green, dominated by tall cypress trees that tower over the crystal blue sea and give you shade in those hot summer days.

You won’t have to search for long for a spot to have bite or a drink, as the whole promenade is filled with restaurants and cafes; you only have to choose which palm tree you want to sit under.


Take a walk along 7 km long promenade and stop for swimming on one of the little beaches, or make a trip to one of 7 little islands in Cavtat archipelago. There are a lot of beautiful coves where you can anchore with your boat and just let your mind at ease.

Attend some of the events in Cavtat like Cavtat Summer, Epidaurus Festival or the summer carnival. Listen to traditional „klapa“ song, see a play out on the open summer stage, or put a mask on.
Stay in Cavtat for a few days and see Konavle, a region where you can endulge yourself in agrotourism, tasting fine homemade wines and delicious traditional dishes.
Or use the fact that you are way down in Croatian south and cross the border into Montenegro for a day trip.

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