Najad 570 in Komiza – luxury winter sailing


At the end of the year, our little sanctuary was under the salis of S/Y „ Pink Cloud “ Najad 570. We decided to dock on the end of the breakwater in Komiža. „ Pink Cloud “was the only sailboat there at that time.
Fishing boats in Komiza have a different docking system during the winter time. On main breakwater, you can see how locals are fishing squids during the night time.

Komiza is a sparsely populated area, so local routine is to talk about whether with new people on the dock. On the main dock, there is no power or water for boats, but if you want to stop there to spend a day, or you are in the transfer you are more than welcome. You will always find a place to dock, 5 or 6 spots are always ready.
We kindly advice you to spent your morning by visiting the farmers market where you will find famoust Komiza grapefruit and lemons. For anything else, you can always stop in newspaper stand/small shop „ Tom& Jerry“. The best coffee, and it is working from 7a.m. is in coffee shop „ Speed “. Food provisioning here is not a problem. A line to Biševo is working on the schedule 3 times per week.
A small duck was walking by herself on promenade… Nobody pays any attention on her…

Komiza in winter sleep

If you are an active holiday lover, you can go up the hill to see the St. Nicholas Church, or you can pass the fish factory and walk by the sea.
On one of the beaches there is a fresh water spring, and in the town of Komiža there is a series of wells and the seamen’s were using them. In the year 1117. the galleys of Pope Alexander III docked on these beaches, and from Kamenica Beach they went straight to the Benedictine monastery on the hill, where the Pope dedicated the church to St. Nicholas. So in honor of that fact Komiza has maritime and fishing tradition, where locals are burning old boats in front of that church.

St.Nicholas church in Komiža

Try to visit Komiza outside of promotional travel terms. With a good equipment on the boat and heating system you should be more than ok. For people who are not familiar with the boats and sailing, the good news is that the old and the only Biševo hotel in Komiža is going to be completely renovated and it will work all year around.

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