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This summer’s trends are again the same destinations as years ago, still beautiful but crowdy and with a lack of space in the marinas. It is true that the islands have not moved, but there are still beautiful island places that have remained undiscovered. We love these lonely places, and the island of Zlarin near Sibenik has certainly left a good impression and is a worthwhile visit.

Mooring on Zlarin:
If you prefer peace and quiet, on the south side of the port there are 15 buoys. The Second option is the mooring on the pier which was built during the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Both are open on a strong west wind (tramuntana and maestral), which usually ends in sunset during summer time.
There are several ferry lines during the day with which the island is connected to the mainland, but it does not disturb the peace of the sailors who are moored there.
Contact numbers for the berth are following:
+385 98 9022 720
+385 90 59 715

Where to eat on Zlarin:
Several restaurants offer classic Dalmatian food. The one we checked and we can recommend is the “Aldura” tavern right next to the gate, where the locals read newspapers and drink coffee. The interior is nice, the music is good, and it is not expensive for me. The most famous hotel which offers food as well is hotel “Koralj”.

What to see in Zlarin:
This island is known to have no cars at all. Locals are using bicycles and electric motors so you can run or roll safely over one of the longest coasts on the islands. You definitely have to walk through the city center and see old and renovated stone houses.

What we decided to visit is the votive church of Our Lady of Rašelje. The church is in a field outside the village (10 minutes walking distance from the pear). Her place of construction is linked to the legend of the Virgin Mother who appeared on the tree overnight even though she had been taken to another location the day before. The church was built in 1458 at the place of this tree. As it was closed, we could not see the many votive paintings and designs of ships that were hanging over from the church ceiling, brought there by many sailors. This church is specific because it contains the first matrix written in the Croatian language „Chakavian“, the „Rulebook on Humanitarian and Social Issues“.

If you have a lady on your sailboat, be sure to go to Coral Shop “Zlarinka”. Here you can buy beautiful coral jewelry or see how it is made. Zlarin has been known for collecting and processing corals since the 15th century when it was mostly sold in Italy. Choose a red or white coral …. This is the best and most beautiful souvenir you can take from this peaceful and beautiful island.

Article by Inga Tomaševic

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