Island of Jabuka


Island of Jabuka is uninhabited island in the Adriatic Sea, located about 70 km west of the island of Vis. It is 97 meters high cliff, without coves and possibility of anchoring. Jabuka, with Brusnik, is the only Adriatic island built of volcanic rock which causes deflection of magnetic needle in compass on boats that sail along the island. This harsh microclimate tolerate only rare species. The surrounding sea has great depth and is rich in fish.Since 1958 the island was declared a geological monument of nature.

Island of Jabuka is exposed to all winds and away from the other islands and sea routes. Therefore, it takes a lot of knowledge and skills if you want to sail here. In the distant days when ships were going only on the sails and oars, just Komiza fishermen were coming here to catch fish. It is therefore not surprising that regatta Jabuka is the most respected offshore regatta, characterized by strong winds and exhausting sailing.

The 14th annual regatta Jabuka 2016 is organized by the Sailing Club Tijat – Vodice. 110 NM long route goes: Vodice – Komorica – Jabuka – Blitvenica – Vodice. This year Ultra will participate in regatta with its famous Beneteau Figaro “UltraFigaro headed by Emil Tomasevic as skipper.

Regatta can be followed live on the site of organizer JK Tijat.

Article by Inga Tomasevic

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