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Maria Ramires Seawomen Project PortugalAfter successfuly completed the Croatian match race championship for women Frapa 2009, we had an interview with our guest Maria Ramires from Portugal. Maria is a skipper of her crew Seawomen Project and she is curently at 49th position on ISAF scale. What are her impressions about the Championship, boats they were sailed on (Beneteau First 7500) her plans …


Few words about yourself and your sailing career?
My name is Maria Ramires and my sailing career began 13 years ago when I had 11years old at Portimão (South of Portugal). It was in this time that I started to participate in championships at optimist. When I was 14 years I started to sail in keel boats on a womens team, and with this team I have done my first event of Match Racing for juniors. After that I went to Europe class and 420 also. Since 2004 I only sail in Match Racing were I won The National Women’s Championship in 2006.
At the weekends I work on nautical events for team building and give sailing classes in keel boats.
Sometimes I work in some regattas like Race Oficial, Judge or Umpire.

Impressions of WMR Frapa 2009?
Was an excelent Championship, very well organised. The ambiance between crews was amaising.
The level was really good and the final between 2 Croacia crews proved that they have good chances to get inside the olimpics.

Impressions on Beneteau First 7500 and preparation of the boats done by Ultra?
This Beneteau are a really fun boats and were well prepared doing the which made the maneuvers easier. With this details and all open space that the boat has became easier to sail Match Racing.
About the Genaker I usualy sail with simetric spi and was a good experience sail with Genaker. I think the genaker could became downwind leg more tactic.

What are your plans for this season?
This season I tought sail at least one Regatta per mouth and try to attending to the WIMRA Clinic in Split.

Best Regards
Maria Ramires


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