Heading to see the bonfire on Island Biševo


New Year’s Eve. The last day of the year.
The BURA (strong north wind) is slowly dropping down, and our sailboat Najad 570 is heading from Komiža to 5NM distant Bisevo. A member of our crew is telling us about Bisevo tradition and how they always light a fire on New Year’s Eve. They have Mass with gatherings after, because St.Sylvester is the protector of this little island of ours. That’s great motivation for us.

S/Y “Pink Cloud” Najad 570 in Mezzoporat – Biševo

We are docked in Mezzoport next to ferry line, and immediately we are noticing residents from Komiža who came here with the same interest as us,to see the FIRE.

Church St.Sylvester – island Biševo

Vedran took us by car to a place on the hill (distance by car 10-15 min) where we saw a smaller group gathering. Near the 16th Century church, the fire was already blazing and a view was breathtaking with the island of Saints in the background.

Bonfire on Biševo and island Svetac (St.Andria) behind

We were grateful, and we start thing about the meaning of the fire. It is energy and life force that is now reviving as the Sun. Fire brings the spread, growth, passion and active energy needed in these cold days and moments of rest and darkness. That’s why we have the customs of burning fire, bonfires, or at least candles on our table.

Local party

If you are visiting Biševo in winter, please remember to bring a bottle of wine for remaining locals, take a walk to the village and visit the church and the neglected elementary school.

Church St.Sylvester – island Biševo

The Blue Cave is now alone, it is worth visiting in winter and hearing the bitterness of locals, who are experiencing the mass devastation and an attack on the cave in the summer. We could also write about the Medvidina Cave in the southern part of the island. The cave has this name because itwas the habitat of the Mediterranean monk seal, the rarest seal species, which is one of the most endangered mammals in the world, which is called “sea man” in Vis. That is why we will not promote the caves, because Biševo has its other charms.

Rare local cars 🙂

If you are sailing in the Adriatic Sea, don’t miss this charming island. Do not join the summer stampede to Blue Cave.

… Let him breathe and sleep while he gathers energy for New Year’s Eve…Bisevo with the bonfires on New Year’s Eve…

Blue Cave – stunning natural treasure located on island Biševo. We kindly advice to visit out of the peak season.

S/Y “Pink Cloud” in Komiža and Biševo

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