Family sailing: tips and tricks


Nowadays, modern families have less and less time to spend on quality time. What we can suggest as an excellent choice is doing a family sailing trip in a peaceful enviroment, like the Adriatic sea. Here are some tips based on the sailing experience of family members as well as employees of this company:

1. Hire a skipper, provide him with a cabin, and observe how a new, neutral person affects your family dynamic. For example, your teenager might not be az lazy as you think, when he is confronted with a task or a chore onboard.
2. Choose small towns and places to be part of  your route, there are plenty of those on the Adriatic. In the evening your five year old can ride their bike or have a scoop of ice cream
3. Get enough of supplies on the boat (but not too much), so at any time you can fix up a light snack or a meal. It is known that everything tastes sweeter onboard, and appetite grows.
4. Don’t forget to bring snorkeling eqipment, books, crayons, coloring books etc.; all of this will help your children get creative in a peaceful bay, especially if there is no Wi-fi.
5. Rent an outboard engine. Dinghy (or a tender) is usually a part of standard boat equipment , but dads instead of rowing, like to motor in bays. This will most likely become part of everyday routine that all family members will like.
6. Give your kids a vote on where to go and what to see in the place where you have decided to anchore. You would be suprised how they can discover fun places such as outdoor movie theaters, minigolf, kayaks, bicycles…
7. More on sailing with childern at:


Advantages of sailing and being on a boat:

1. There is no place to run :-)
2. When on a boat of let’s say 35 ft, it is not easy to avoid conversation, there are no doors in the cockpit that can be slammed in anger. So this is a great place to get things out in the open and solve unresolved issues, here you can truly get to know someone’s character.
3. Everytime you enter a new port, it is a new process of discovery of the unknown. Why not share it with your loved ones; in the end you are all here for the first time and enjoying yourselves no matter the age. Besides, you are all in the same boat :-)
4. Here there is no an odd man out; everyone helps with daily chores and jobs, form putting on fenders to taking the dinghy to get bread for breakfast.
5. You can change the route as you go, taking a pick between secluded bays and more happening places on islands.


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