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The exebitionReflections of the island“ by two visual artist Nastja Dadić Radić and Tanja Ukas, is being presented at the fraternal house in Grohote and at hotel and marina Martinis Marchi in Maslinica, island Šolta-, Croatia. Through their teaching, as well as, friendly and creative gatherings they collaborated on projects in many different forms and media.

With few photos we endevour to bring you atmosphere of this successful exhibition whose few exhibits after exhibition on island of Šolta have ‘sailed’ to office of Ultra sailing in Split

Nastja Dadić Radić

Born in 1946 in Split, Croatia Mrs Radić graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Zadar Faculty of Arts. She is an awarded instructor of vocational art at the Production Designer at the School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction in Split and member of Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU), Association of Artist from Split and Art group Oz. Mrs. Radic has exibited in several solo and group exibitions in Rome, Saan Marino, Šibenik, Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Zagreb, Split ,Trogir, Milna and Bol. Her artistic map titled „Judit of Marko Marulić from Split“ is part of the Art gallery of Split permanent collection. Her artistic endeavors are most often expressed through drawing, painting (mostly in oil and acrylic), three dimensional objects constructed from papier-mache , and her interests lie in investigating materials such as glass and metal. She can be reached via her E-mail: Nastja.dadic.radic@gmail.com


Tanja Ukas
Born in 1962 in Split, Croatia, Mrs.Ukas graduated from Academy of Arts in Split, She has been teaching art courses for more than a decade at the School of Design , Graphics and Sustainable Construction in Split. As the head instructor for Stage Design she has participaed in the organization of student work and has been a mentor to many gifted and award winning students. Mrs. Ukas is member of the art groupcalled Oz and for many years has been active in the fields of decorative painting, sculpture and applied arts while also exploring ceramics and glass techniques in her art.

She can be reached at her E-mail Tanja.ukas@gmail.com





Article by Inga Tomašević

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