Charter season has started in Croatia

Charter season has started in CroatiaThe nautical season definitely has started in Croatia. In marina Kastela increased traffic of people and vehicles is noticed. It appears that tourists are arriving mostly by bus this year, at least in this time of year. Of course there are cars, and one part is arriving by planes. We have noticed mostly this Saturday registration plates on vehicles from East European countries, like Poland, Czech and Slovakia.

One large group has arrived from Norway and got on board on Ultra charter fleet. All the boats and charter crews on land are ready (technical stuff, cleaners, drivers, reception desk, administration etc.)

At service zone works are still running with high intensity. Last few weeks were with lot of rain, therefore influencing works slowing them down. There are many boats that need to be prepared and capacities are not unlimited in marina.

Nice and warm weather made some guest to take of their shirts and expose their skin to warm rays that were dreamt of in cold northern parts of Europe.

Actually, usual situation in marina Kastela for this time of year.

phography by Boran Kranjčević

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