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70th Viska regata: 17-19/October 2014.

This year will be celebrated the 70th Viška Regatta, one of the most popular regatta in Croatia with more than 200 participants. The first leg is from Split to island of Vis, the second day/leg is planned as free day, but some of the most motivated sailors can participate to the small match race in […]

What’s what on the sailing boat

DECK EQUIPMENT The illustration shows a classic cruiser used in navigation sailing, and may excellently serve in smaller club regattas. The list includes terminology of the basic deck equipment used in sailing and steering. We shall start from the bow and move towards the stern, explaining each important part of the equipment along the way. […]

How To Anchor

Your anchor, ropes and chains used for anchoring, must be strong enough to hold the boat you intend to anchor. If possible, choose an anchor that holds well on the type of seabed that you are anchoring at. The crewman on the bow prepares the anchor, i.e. anchoring mechanism, to drop anchor. The helmsman slowly […]

Basic Manoeuvres Under Sails

There are two basic manoeuvres in sailing: gybing, i.e. turning the sailboat’s stern through the wind by shifting the sail to the other side and tacking (coming about), where the sailboat turns its bow through the wind and shifting the sails to the other side or tack. GYBING – if we turn a bit downwind […]

Sailing is everybody’s sport

Passion for sailing is contagious. It spreads easily and infects everybody, as there’s no age or gender limit for this activity. One can begin learning to sail as early as at the age of five or six, at which children join sailing clubs and enter sailing schools, as well as later in life, at any […]

Sailing school Croatia – a new sailing boat in the sailing school fleet

Ultra sailing school has since 1995 changed several bases: Split, Mljet, Hvar, Starigrad, Milna, Trogir but here we are finally again in Split. Since Split has become an attractive tourist destination in the last two years, a place to go out, have fun, swim and sun bathe, we thought it would be good to have […]

Komiza – St. Nicholas regata for the single

Komiza is a favorite sailing destination. Everybody knows it for its fishing tradition and the life of its people accustomed to the sea and fishing. It is situated on the sunny side of the island of Vis, well protected from the northern winds. It has a beautiful view of the open sea and the two […]

Ultra Figaro to Tour de Bretagne 2013!

Ultra Figaro will participate to this famour race Tour de Bretagne! The Tour de Bretagne is a race included in the Figaro Beneteau program. This race gives to the region Bretagne the opportunity to support the high level of sailing and also giving access to this world to young skippers. Opened and friendly, this race […]

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