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17 Important tips for sailing beginners

You need to have enough layers of clothes (more layers for winter) Wear sneakers in summer, sailing boots in winter (non slipping rubber shoes) Wear sailing gloves Pills for seasickness if needed (carry with yourself if you go sailing for the first time) Route must be flexible depending on weather forecast, so don´t expect you […]

How do I get better at sailing?

Repetition, repetition, repetition… Yes, it is all about practice actually. Once you get your hands on sailing every minute on board is a new lesson. You can never say that you know everything, nobody knows everything, but it is important to know how much more do you need to learn to be aware of everything […]

Is sailing easy to learn?

Answer is yes! Sailing is something you have to be taught by a licensed instructor. If so, you have a very good chance to learn how to sail and how to be safe on board. Don`t try to learn it yourself.. It can be dangerous in some situations, and you should pass those situations with […]

The best active holiday in Croatia

In Croatia, you can have your active holidays with canooing, cycling, swimming, running, etc. But since Croatia has the second most indented coastline of Europe the best active holidays would be to go out sailing with a boat. We get a lot of questions like: Can we go from Split to Dubrovnik in 2 days.. […]

SAILING TIPS: Gybing a sailing boat

Once we start our journey in sailing there is one critical manoeuvre to master… After proceeding up towards the wind and pointing our bow downwind we come to a point were we might change our course across the wind. This manoeuvre is nothing to be worried about if you understand all steps one by one. […]

SAILING TIPS: Tacking a sailing boat

Tacking is the manoeuvre of crossing the boat (it´s bow) over the wind. In this manoeuvre we are reaching the wind from the other side of the boat in order to change our course to the other side of the wind. Sometimes in narrow passages we have to make this manoeuvre multiple times. That is […]

75th annual Vis regatta

7 3 DAYS OF OUTSTANDING SAILING ON SPLIT-VIS-SPLIT ROUTE: 179 CREWS IN TOTAL, MORE THAN 1000 PARTICIPANTS FROM 15 COUNTRIES 75th annual Vis regatta broke records in boats applied and exceeded all our expectations: more than 179 crews participated in this year’s Vis regatte, with more than 1000 sailing enthusiasts from 15 countries worldwide. Alongside […]


This year, from 1th to 4th of August, South Adriatic regatta was organized by JK „ Orsan“, the sailing club from Dubrovnik. The winner of the 39th South Dalmatian Regatta by ORCr was the Mareus sailing team. The fastest boat in the regatta was “Shining” First 24 “Ultra Riibica” with crew Tomasevic-Pjacun took second place […]

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