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Nautical destinations: Lopud

If you find yourself visiting Dubrovnik or sailing its waters, don’t miss a chance to visit Lopud, one of the Elaphiti islands and many would say the most beautiful. There is no traffic here, so forget about car horns and motorbikes. Two spacious bays  are situated here, and my recommendation is to start in Lopud […]

Nautical destinations: Kornati

The Kornati archipelago, as a separate and special island group located between Šibenik and Zadar islands is one of the seven National parks in Croatia (since 1980). National Park Kornati includes 89 islands, islets and reefs. The biggest island is Kornat. Most of the islands have specific, local names as Balun (ball), Bisaga (saddlebag), Blitvica […]

Nautical destinations: Sipan

Although at first sight this island seems like the only thing it has to offer is its lush vegetation, you will be surprised when you hear that this island was once a place where members of Dubrovnik nobility chose to reside. Results of that decision remain today; over 70 mansions, summerhouses, churches and chapels make […]

Nautical destinations: Elafiti

Most people, when hearing the word Elaphiti, think of the 3 largest islands situated west of Dubrovnik (Koločep or Kalamota as the locals call it, the biggest one Šipan, and Lopud) but there are 10 more that are a part of this archipelago (Daksa, Sv. Andrija, Jakljan, Tajan Olipa, etc.). Elaphiti islands are characterized by […]

Offshore Adriatic islands – the island of Palagruza

Palagruža is an island of volcanic origin that is situated far away in the open sea, 32 miles from the island Lastovo. It is not an island where you can spend a night or find a shelter when the weather goes bad, quite the opposite. Palagruža is one of those nautical destinations that you just […]

Sailing in May; may we please?

Many experienced sailors and yachtsmen will tell you that the best month for sailing in Croatia is May (along with September). There are a few reasons for this. Most important one is probably the wind; it being not too strong but also without those pesky calm periods that occur during summer peak. The most common […]

Nautical destinations: Cavtat – southern gem

Situated in the southernmost part of Croatia, Cavtat is a real little gem, which comes as a great relaxing place after visiting Dubrovnik with its numerous visitors. This town goes back to ancient times when it was called Epidaurus; the locals say you can still see what remains of the old walls in main Cavtat […]

ACI Marina Komolac

ACI marina in Komolac near Dubrovnik is like a city by itself. All the seamen know about it and it finds its place on every itinerary; not only because of its proximity to the pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik, but for amenities that will make stay here even for a few days. The marina […]

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