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New sailing boats and models in Croatia for season 2015

Bookings for season 2015 has already started in mid-June 2014. The most common requests from our guests are those related to new models of the boats and to better prices for early bookings and discounts which we usually offer at this time. As we sold some of our older models of sailing boats, for the […]

70th Viska regata: 17-19/October 2014.

This year will be celebrated the 70th Viška Regatta, one of the most popular regatta in Croatia with more than 200 participants. The first leg is from Split to island of Vis, the second day/leg is planned as free day, but some of the most motivated sailors can participate to the small match race in […]

Nautical destinations – Bisevo and Blue Cave

The distance from Vis (Komiza) to Bisevo is only 5 nautical miles. Most people know this island for its Blue Cave which is entered in a small boat or an inflattable boat. An entrance fee is charged. The Blue Cave is the most beautiful between 10:30 and 12:00 o’clock when the sunlight enters the cave […]

Ultra Figaro adventure: Sailing from Dubrovnik to Split

One more South Dalmatian regatta has finished; the regatta is organized by the Orsan sailing club in Dubrovnik with 45 registered sailing boats. Our skipper, Emil Tomasevic, sailed away alone, and we embarked the Ultra Figaro at the end of the regatta. First, I would like to say that sailing from Split to Dubrovnik is […]

Nautical destinations – Skradin and Krka’s Waterfalls

National park Krka is located in central Dalmatia, a few kilometers from Šibenik. With its 7 waterfalls and natural drop of 242m, Krka is a natural phenomenon. What to see in national Park Krka? Stunning waterfalls including Skradinski Buk and Roski Slap, Monestry of Visovac island. Did you know? Croatian town of Šibenik had a […]

Transfer of a sailing boat from Split to Dubrovnik – Beneteau Oceanis 50 “Vittoria”

One of our guests ordered what we call “One Way”- a charter from Dubrovnik to Split. That is why the boarding was a day delayed; on Sunday, as we had to transport Oceanis 50 to our charter base in Dubrovnik. It would be pretentious to say that it’s a small thing embarking on such a […]

Sailing from Trogir to Dubrovnik and back

SUNDAY, 15 JUNE 2014 06:54 Trogir Croatia So back to Croatia with the same crew, Al and Josie, with a mission to get to Dubrovnik this time. So much so that we have invested in some additional propulsion, a cruising chute. For non sailors it is a puzzle why sail yachts mainly have white sails […]

Offshore Adriatic islands – the island of Susac

Susac is a Croatian island in the open central Adriatic Sea, 23 km west of Lastovo and southeast of Vis. Over the south-western cape is the Kanola lighthouse, the northernmost point of the island is the Nazene cape and the easternmost the Lastovac cape. The highest peak, Veli Gark of 243 m, is in the […]

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