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Town of Hvar

Hvar is the largest town on the island, located just 1 hour by catamaran from Split.¬†Due to the mild climate, clean sea, plenty of sunny hours, nightlife and the vicinity of the Pakleni Islands, Hvar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. If you are on the sea during the nice day […]

Visit national parks in Croatia by sailing boat

Even though small in size, Croatia has 8 national parks and 11 nature parks, which is not a small number. Difference between the two is that it is strictly prohibited to use natural wealth’s for any kind economical purposes in national parks. Starting with the ones accessible by boat, here we will list all the […]

Seashells of the Adriatic Sea

There are about 240 species of shells living in the Adriatic Sea. A majority of shells live along the coast and in the lower sea, attached to rocks or in the sand which makes it easier to pick them up. Most seashells can be picked up by hand without any special equipment, either from the […]

Crabs of the Adriatic Sea

There are about 1500 species of crabs in the Adriatic. Some of them are tiny living in the pelagic zone and are food to small blue fish, some of them hide at the bottom between the rocks or in the sand, some of the run on the shore and some of them are firmly attached […]

Rare and endangered fish of the Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea is poor in quantity but rich in variety of fish. There are about 440 species of fish in the Adriatic. According to the Red List 123 fish species in the Adriatic are endangered and 5 species are critically endangerd. The most endangered are the sharks because they have few offsprings, grow slowly […]

Mammals in Adriatic sea

MARINE MAMMALS All marine mammals which live in the Adriatic Sea or only visit it at times are protected by Croatian laws and international agreements. They are endangered due to human influence on their habitats, pollution, over fishing and tourism. Any deliberate disturbing, catching, keeping, injuring or killing of marine mammals in the Adriatic Sea […]

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