Brioni National Park

• a tourist destination where you will feel like you have been returned to yourself…centuries-old olive tree, untouched nature, history,and so much more… you can dive into the crystal clear sea and have unique experience in every meaning of that word
Brijuni islands are consists of 14 islands and islets, with countless bays and coves of beautiful nature
• the coastline of all islands is as high as 46.8 km
• the most indented islands are Veli Brijun (25.9 km) and Mali Brijun (8.3 km)

• islands are a geological and geomorphological continuation of the Istrian mainland. They are built of horizontal layers of cretaceous limestone, which are covered by a thick layer of brown-red soil
• you will see the remains of Illyrian, Roman, Gothic, Byzantine, Frankish, Venetian and Austrian building
•this unique work of natural forces was bought by austrian magnate Paul Kupelwieser, on the end of the 19 th century, and he has invested a lot of energy and effort in Brijuni
• we must also mention the role of Tito, President of the former Yugoslavia, who advocated forest protection, parks, animal breeding and settlement, research and conservation of monuments, and hotel facilities … after 1983. the islands became a national park

• for navigation and sailing you will need to obtain a licence ( at the ports of Veli Brijun or city Fažana )
• berthing and anchoring in the waters of Brijuni are not allowed; exceptions are, port Veli Brijun, and the port of St.Mikula on the island of Mali Brijun
• if you are coming with the vessel into the port, pay attention on the shallow water in front of Cape Slavulja… the harbor is protected by two breakwaters… during the season, the rule is that the sailing boats have to dock under the northern breakwater … large yachts needs to announcement they arrival , and usully they will anchor in front of the port
• the price of national park tickets are depending on the period of the year… it pays little bit less during the off-season, witch is from November to February… the standard ticket price is around 230HRK/30,94EUR
• registration at the reception of the Brijuni National Park is required ( reception of Hotel Karaman )

Brijuni and active holiday
• there are many interesting sports and recreational activities in the park for tourists of all ages and preferences
• golf and polo courts…cycle track…diving…gazebo…
• Safari park ( within Safari park there is also an ethno park enriched with Istrian animals – Istrian cattle ( Boškarin ), Istrian sheep ( Istarska Pramenka ), donkeys and goats )
• The Mediterranean garden covers an area of 17000 m2, at it is a home to 169 autochthonous species and exotic species … The most famous flora is Olive three, 1600 years old, which makes her one of the oldest in the Mediterranean…
• Boat house – is an interpretation and education center that presents Brijuni in an innovative and interactive way
• dinosaur footprints

Sail Brijuni…
… let’s start our sailing route from the port of Brijuni to the south (always look out for the shallows in front of cape Slavulja)…
• sailing to Verige Bay… on the NW we will see old pier, with amphora next to it, but also the largest and most magnificent countryside complex, a Roman villa in Verige Bay that is perfectly integrated into the landscape
•the advice is not to anchor in Rankun, Kozlac and Kosir bays,because they have rocky soil,and also they are open to south and southeast winds… the same fate is in the next Javorika bay where do we have sandy soil
•on the west side of Veli Brijun is the most attractive part of the sea surface…we have to indcate the islands of Vrsar, Vanga ( memorial area ), Grunj and Galija, then the Gospa bay with the Desert Island and residential villas
• Veli Brijun from Mali Brijuni is divided by the Tisnac pass, who is 100 m wide… the spacious and protected bay from all winds we will find on Mali Brijuni, in the port name St.Mikula
• up to west coast of Mali Brijun you should sail along Cape Kadulj…be careful for the shallowness ( 2.1m )… behind the Cape is Supin Island with Tunjarica Bay with a beautiful beach
• along the northernmost point of Mali Brijun we will again enter the Fažana Canal… along the Cape Plitki and the Falcon we sail to Veli Brijuni…
… we sail along golf courses and a pond …soon you will reach a seventy meter long pier great spot for docking, because the depth is about 4 m…
Thanks to harmonious coexistence, biodiversity and ecological self-sustainability, it is one of the most attractive Croatian destinations that will not leave you indifferent

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