Beneteau Yach Rally 2009 – The best for the end of the summer

Beneteau Yach Rally 2009 - The best for the end of the summerAfter succesfully finished Beneteau Rally, we leave to you the entire story to see how it was and how it could be to you when you join us next year. The entire ship log form the perspective of regatta comitee boat Zaglav is in front of you. There are many images and they are splitted into few galleries, divided by dates.

In behalf of Ultra Sailing Team we wish to thank all participants of this event, and to our hosts in Komiža, Palmižana and Stari Grad.

We invite you to share with us your impressions in forms of text or images. With these images we will complete this year’s Photo contest and award the best works. Your materials you can send to na with subject “BR2009”


photos 08.10.2009. (Thu) start of the first leg Kaštela – Komiža
photos 08.10.2009. (Thu) afternoon in Komiža and dinner in Jastožera
photos 09.10.2009 (Fri) – part one
photos 09.10.2009. (Fri) – part two
photos 10.10.2009. (Sat) – part one
photos 10.10.2009. (Sat) – part two


Saturday – 3rd leg (Palmižana – Stari Grad 20 NM)

Finally jugo (south-east)! About 20 knots. The morning is still warm, as well as the sea. The best awaikening is to jump in the crystal clear sea, then you are ready for some coffee. I was curious how restaurant Menegehello looks like during the day. We were there last night but it was too dark to see around. Besides Meneghello there are few other restaurants, all in cove Palmižana from the souther side of the island. Beutifull beach, everything full of aromatic scents and colors.

Some had breakfast in palmižana, some had just a coffee, some were swimming in the sea. Geisha crew were warming up playing “balote” (Medditerranian bowling game). Considering the advantage thaty had after 2 legs, they could have been relaxed. High noon – start. Starting line is in front of Palmižana, but some boats are not patient nor carefull enough and they are crossing the line too early. They are returend back. Some are not happy because of that, but actually it is the first oportunity to sail in last few days, so everyone enjoys. The route goes to the east around lighhouse Pokonji dol, and then back to the West around peak Pelegrin to Stari Grad.

The finish time is at 5 pm. Those who arrived earlier anchored themselves and wait for time to enter the finish line. All 15 boats are entering in the same time. The “mooring man” at shore is sweating, and the harbour master is wathing this invasion. Turned all well, no damages, no stress. Everything is under control. At 17:30 we are at Palace Bijankini where is a welcome ceremony in Stari Grad with testing local specialities and different sorts of grappa. Some are taking nice bottles as souvenir. We are on time, just to calculate one more time results and we are ready for dinner at Pinetta bar. Our host Jurko Dragićević is anxiously awaiting us because his crew is preparing food since yestarday. The offer is amazing. Everything is delicous, the wine is excellent. We were sitting everywhere in his restaurant, which has few levels and rooms, at the end at chairs in front of the restaurant. The time is ticking, it is late so we move inside, we close the door, so we can continue with singing and dancing. All night long. Our guests from Belgrade were hoping to have good time, but Rally exceeded their expectations. I believe they are not the only one. And for the end to mention results, altough everyone’s a winner there!

See you at Beneteau Rally 2010!

PHOTO GALLERY photos 10.10.2009. part one
PHOTO GALLERY photos 10.10.2009. part two

position boat model skipper 1st leg 2nd leg
3rd leg total
1. Geisha First 50 Neno Barada 288,00 168,00 293,00 749,00
2. Aquarius Oceanis 473 Dr. Ferenc Zsembery 246,00 162,00 293,00 701,00
3. Aries Oceanis 473 Sailing Spunges 264,00 144,00 278,35 686,35
4. Reni Oceanis 323 Harold Gundersen 208,50 142,50 291,50 642,50
5. Vela Beneteau 50 Palmberg Tommy 204,00 150,00 281,00 635,00
6. Visibaba Cyclades 43.4 Ivan Maričević 208,50 120,00 270,50 599,00
7. Veli Oceanis 473 Andrej Tabor 174,00 114,00 276,50 564,50
8. Maruša Cyclades 39 Danijel Trajković 201,00 118,50 245,00 564,50
9. White Lady 2 Oceanis 473 Nenad Miletić 190,50 124,50 234,50 549,50
10. Cygnus Beneteau 50 Peter Cseterki 228,00 27,00 291,50 546,50
11. Eridanus Beneteau 50 Dalmacija Charter 214,50 93,00 224,00 531,50
12. Vidra Oceanis 393 Dr. Peter Horvath 142,50 108,00 261,50 512,00
13. Anambra Oceanis 46 Nenad Popović 75,00 124,50 281,00 480,50
14. Imagine Oceanis 40 Ratko Tomić 190,50 -54,00 284,00 420,50
15. Astrea Oceanis 40 Nebojša Prekić 150,00 -54,00 156,50 252,50


09.10.2009. (Fri) – end of the 2nd leg in Palmižana and dinner at Meneghello

It turned out well with tugging Astrea and we arrived on time. Oceanis 40 Imagine unselfishly secrafice their position in regatta and tugged Astrea from Vis to Palmižana, so that we can arrive on time. Special thanks to Imagine crew!
Palmižana apears quite deserted in this time of year. It will be closed all winter, but not is still open with just few boats. It is warm and calm, the dinner in restaurant Meneghello great. After the dinner everyone moved back to marina and continued partying or they went to sleep. There will be some wind. Finally!

09.10.2009. (Fri) – Morning in Komiža, and start of the 2nd leg

After funny night in Komiža sunny morning showed its face. Really warm weather is surprising even for us from Croatia. The sea is warm as well, around 23 C. People have coffees at boats and all around Komiža, some are getting supplies in local shops, some are swimming, some are fishing. The advice is not to fish around Vis without all needed papers. You will be stopped by police and get whole bunch of papers and penalties to pay. The second leg is starting. Beautifull scene. Wind around 5. Soon after start there is a problem. The boat Astrea has engine problem and our speed boat team cannot fix it on the sea. We have to tug the boat. So we turn back from our way to Hvar and now we are heading back to Komiža. Taking Astrea and back to Hvar. The problem is that we are short with time now.

PHOTO GALLERY photos 09.10.2009 – part one
PHOTO GALLERY photos 09.10.2009 – part two

08.10.2009. Thursday evening – entering Komiža and dinner in restaurant Jastožera
Everything was like from the postcard with swimming, dinning, drinking and fishing. One tuna was caught by Ratko from Imagine. Entire fleet is in front of Komiža at 18:00. First leg is won by Geisha (First 50 – Neno Barada and crew). It may remained people from Komiža of pirate’s invasion long time ago. Modern age pirates from Beneteau Rally invaded restaurant Jastožera where the lure was excellent Dalmatian specialties. Special greetings to the chef!

GALLERY photos of afternoon in Komiža and dinner in Jastožera

08.10.2009. Thursday – 1st leg Kaštela – Komiža

At 10:30 Beneteau Yach Rally 2009 has started, organized by Ultra Sailing. There are 15 Beneteau sailing boats, mostly from Ultra charter fleet, some of Dalmatia Charter and private boats. 96 crew members from Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Norway, Hungary, France, Holland are here to have a great time on beautiful weather.

First leg of the Rally starts in Kaštela and goes to Komiža, island Vis. The lenght of the route is 37 NM, and estimated finish time is 18:00. The rules of rally demand precise entering the finish line, and crews may use sails and engine in their navigation. The best is to sail as much as possible and tu use the engine only when necessery. The number of engine hours and premature or late arrival gives a crew negative points. Points calculated that way will give us a winner in all 3 legs of the Rally.

At the moment there is no wind, so the boats are using the engine to get to the open sea where some wind is expected later on. It is very warm around 27 C, sea temperature is around 23 C. We are heading to Komiža and we are going to be there at 18:00.

I would like to emphasize that the meaning of Beneteau Rally is in sailing, enjoying the beauties of Adriatic and Croatia, enjoying gastronimic specialties of dalmatian cuisine, so there are no loosers in any case. The boats with better supplies in the fridge have advantage. Just kidding!

GALLERY photos of the start in Kaštela and the first leg to Komiža 08.10.2009.


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