Badija, Korcula’s archipelago

Badija is a small island in Korčula archipelago situated between Korčula island and Pelješac peninsula. From Badija to town Korčula (ACI marina) there is about 20 minutes by boat. Lumbarda is a bit closer, but with a smaller marina where you need to make a reservation a day before. Reservation cost is extra 100 kn, and the contact for doing the reservation in Lumbarda is +385 20 712 489 or

Badija is perfect for spending a day relaxing, sunbathing and swimming. Island was named after a monastery built between XV. and XVI. century. The stone and cloister were built by Korčula’s artist from that time. The monastery itself has not had such peaceful history, and after World War II members of order of friars minor were banished from the island, and for a long time this was a sport resort. In 2003. island was returned to its rightful owners to order of friars minor from St. Jeronim in Zadar, who contracted out this island to Hercegovina region for a period of 99 years..
Even today, while berthing in Badija lagoon, you can see an occasional friar walking or reading a book on a stone bench in front of the monastery.

You are allowed to anchor in the bay, but starting this year you will be charged by town of Korčula, that holds the concession (aprox. 150 kn). Anchoring is charged throughout the channel from Korčula to Badija. Anchoring on small island Vrnik just next to Badija is not charged.

In this part of Korčula archipelago you will see a fair share of surfers. As it is always windy in the channel, all locals own a surfing board. Village Viganj on Pelješac peninsula is famous as being surfer’s center, and here surging competitions are held. You will spot them while sailing from Badija, Korčula to Hvar, Šćedro or further….

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