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Vis is a popular nautical destination and we have mentioned it lots of times so far, either through annual event in October „Vis regatta“ or the bay recommendations for mooring and anchoring. This time we tied our boat to Vis boardwalk and went on a tour of the island’s inland.

The cheapest rent-a-car is Beetle for the price of 350-400 kn (cca 50-60€) for the whole day. Vis inland is not that big so it is easily toured, so we had time to stop buy at Žena Glava (litteral translation is Woman Head) , small village where you can still see open barns with donkeys and goats. There is a small family farming business where you can eat a home cooked meal, without the usual crowds. From village center there is path to Tito’s cave, where tour guides take the tourists.

Driving thorught fields of Vis, we stopped in the guesthouse „Aerodrom“ („Airport“) in Plisko Polje. There is history behind that name and it goes like this: in 1944 American troops built an airstrip in the field, about 1 km long. Thanks to this small airport 218 airplanes were saved and over 1000 pilots and crew members rescued. Amongst the aircrafts which came here, heavy bombers called „ flying fortresses“ and the“Liberators“ were the most numerous.  One of those „Liberators“ is still lying on the sea floor at 60 m depth in Vis waters as a witness to the island’s military history. In 1960. the airport went back to being a vineyard as it was before the war.

Today, there is a charming wine bar here „Aerodrom“ that we really liked, especially after a glass of nice wine and a piece of the famous Vis pie.

Villages in Vis inland are quite scattered, but each of them has a tavern or a small restaurant. In Plisko Polje the most famous one is Roki’s place, where we held our dinners during our own regatta, the Beneteau Rally

This time we opted for the Golub tavern in Podselje, which has an incredable view towards little islands of Budikovac, Ravnik all the way to Sušac and Lastovo.

Swimming in nearby Milna on a sandy beach or some other nearest bay – icing on the cake!

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